Tips for Good Photography for Influencers

The photo has passed long distances throughout history. It has taken a long way from Niepce to this day. Like many things, photography is also digital. This digitization has opened a door. Now the photos are not only personal, they have a more social aspect. This now allows us to be more careful with the photos. Because now everyone has the opportunity to reach the photo more easily and the criticism is more direct.

There are more than 2 billion people in the instagram and other social media platforms. These people are constantly uploading photos of some of their lives. It's becoming increasingly difficult to get acclaim, to have interactive followers.

I will give you a few tips to overcome these challenges.

About Good Photography

A good photo is actually a big deal. With its composition, its content, its beauty and its aesthetics, Especially if you are going to share on social media platforms, you have to tell the story so you do not need to write any explanations about good photography. When you take good pictures, you have to think creatively first. It is very important that your morale is high and that you are ready to take pictures of yourself.

I want to mention a few more points about good photography needed. Let's open them a bit more;

Composition of the photo

Every motion, medium, composition in the frame of the picture and taken. This creates the beauty and aesthetics of the photo. You can enrich your photography techniques and learn how to read photos. Your essay will increase your number of votes when you take your photographs a few steps further.

Right Light in Photography

On the other hand, if the photo equals the light, we must be mistaken. Light is divided into natural and artificial. If you take pictures in natural light, ie outdoors, knowing the right light times or light settings will be effective for you. I will give you a hint in this regard;

'' Take a photo at times when the sun is hitting you ''

Early hours in the morning and clocks right in the morning are great times to take advantage of natural light. The times when we say the right light are during these days. If you use artificial light, I recommend you to stay away from light reflections and weak light as much as possible.

Golden Ratio Or Grid

The golden ratio is crucial for correct photographing. This rule, which especially saves life in portrait photographs, is found in the instagram as gridding method in a simpler way.

Correct Angle in Photos

Another key to taking good photos is the right angle. The concept of angle in photography is a situation that can be learned in time, which can be explored experimentally. It is the most convenient way to explore by trying to find the right angle.

More Photo Practice

No photographer in the world could capture the best photo in one shot. So they constantly shoot, they develop the eyes of photography. Just as learning a photo is a process, capturing good photos is also a process. So take photos whenever you can.

Show Detail

Another point of good photography is the details. Sometimes very small details, tonal adjustments, or framing adjustments change the photos very positively. In this regard, I would recommend you to imagine the image you want to photograph first.

Take Care When Selecting Photographs Taken

You can take hundreds of photos in one day. In fact, all of them may come in pretty eye. But the important thing is to share the best, rather than sharing lots of photos. I would recommend that you take your photos, be ruthless, look professionally rather than sensual.

Use Correct Tags

Choosing labels that are relevant to the photos you upload will make it easier for people to access your photos, and increase your liking. If you are using architectural photographs and you use tags outside of architecture and design tags, then you actually are not doing the right targeting. This means that you will be liked. Also, using too many labels makes no sense.

Follow Good Names for Photography

The advantage of following accounts with good photos is that they always have photos that can impress you. Apart from that, I would also recommend that photographers examine photographs of masters who have shaped photographs from past to present. This will improve the look of your photos and will contribute to your understanding of your photos. It is also useful to follow up with photography agencies like magnum photo, or agencies that provide services about your area of ​​interest.

We can extend this list as long as we can. Because although there are certain bases of good photography, it is a very wide issue in general. There are many criteria, boundaries, things to know. Besides, you need to keep yourself up to date, use your imagination and be patient.

But you can be sure that good photography will make you very happy and attract the attention of people who can follow you.

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