Successful Studies in Influencer Marketing Strategy

Influencer marketing, which gives a fresh breath to today's marketing strategies, is much more effective than brand advertising on consumers. Companies discovering the way to attract the attention of the new generation, which is squeezed from the commercial lines that brands are constantly telling themselves, have concentrated their attention on working with influencers. Especially when the new generation is using Ad Block applications, which is the biggest problem for many brands, while using high-end and high-bandwidth generation internet together.

Brands that focus more on influencers than on commercial lines; the right strategy, combining this with interesting, original content that does not smell like advertisements, makes it sound in the internet world and makes good use of their names. They do all this by not sticking to the name blockers and reaching the right target mass. This shows us the power of the influential marketing again.

I would like to mention a great work for those who want to sample among these studies. One of the best influencer marketing projects that has been described for 3 years is definitely a meeting on one of British Airways' planes. The 100 influencer, one of the best and most professional businesspeople in their field, meets in one of British Airways passenger planes and the plane takes off from Silicon Valley. The purpose of this flight is; to prove to everybody what might be effective when experts in people's work in their field unite their power for good cause. The passengers in the plane are Silicon Valley Bank, Google, Rocket Space, etc. they represent famous and big companies. At the end of the flight, 22 wonderful projects emerge in less than 3 hours. Four of these great projects are presented in the G8 and DNA summit.

Of course, it is impossible for the campaign that the influential 100 influencers of people to come together to succeed and to make no noise. Because the focus of your work is not a product or a brand. Just a good ace service. As a result, it is impossible for this meeting to smell advertising. This project, which brought great impact not only in the internet world but also in the world media, made it possible for British Airways to be in a positive position in the eyes of people and receive favorable comments. In addition, this campaign, made three years ago, continues to make the airline company still win new customers.

successful influencer marketing studies

Steve Jobs signed for another successful work in this regard. This signature has made Steve Jobs known to be one of the first of influencer marketing. His tactics were very influential with being very simple. Steve Jobs brought together only famous tech bloggers and influencers to launch the new Apple product. Such a gesture to these phenomena made them feel how important they were. This move by Steve Jobs, bloggers and influencers who joined the organization started to make good comments and effective sharing about Apple. What is even more striking about these shares is the fact that much more detailed information about the new product and presentation can be reached. This gave us a sense of why Apple wanted people to be the first to get the product, and why they were queuing in front of the sales stores.

In addition to these two examples, we can add many more effective and quality influencer marketing studies. Do not forget that when you come together with the right influencers for your brand and combine with effective strategies, success comes with you!

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