What's expected in 2017 in Influencer Marketing, what's happened in 2016?

It became one of the major turning points for 2016 for influencer marketing, which is more and more integrated into the marketing strategy of the brand. Collaborations established with influencers in social media to generate, distribute and promote sponsored content are now one of the strongest ways that brands reach consumers. Influencer marketing is considered to be your future as it is a marketing strategy where the strongest and highest returns are made, especially given the challenging situation within the marketing industry. The effect of the declining television, increasing social media bands, and the use of more ad blocking technologies by the public is significant. In this respect, influencer marketing for brands becomes even more attractive day by day. How was one year behind in the influencer marketing, which is newer than other marketing strategies?

Influencer Marketing Seeks 90 Percent Increase

Earlier in 2013, searches for "influencer marketing" in data from Google's Keyword Tool had a monthly average of less than 50. Now, the term is being searched for an average of 4,400 times a month. From this point of view, as of 2016, it can easily be said that there is a serious interest in this area.

Brands look hot to work with Influencers

In the research conducted in 2016, it was found out that 85% of the companies in the study, especially, started to work and start to work on a new project to cooperate with the influencers. In this respect, one of the most important contributions of the 2016 to the influencer marketing is the turning point in the working point of the brands.

Influencer Marketing Budgets Increase

As advertising spending for brands and advertisers continues to move from TV to digital and social media, more than half (60%) of advertisers have increased their influencer marketing budgets in 2016.

Influencers influence young people more

Influencer marketing studies, especially young people, seems to fit this flow. So much so that consumers between the ages of 18 and 24 show more interest in the co-operation with the influencers. This rate is 62 percent of total participation.

Time Spent on Social Media 1 Hour 40 Minutes

One of the most important points about influencer marketing is the social media usage rates. Since 2016, there have been significant developments in this area. According to recent researches, the time spent in social media was determined as 1 hour and 40 minutes on average. In this regard, it is easier to establish an appropriate market for influencer marketing in 2016.

With these results, it can be predicted that influencer marketing will have a brighter year. The fact that the 2017 results, especially as of now, are much higher compared to 2016 is a sign that many more brands will adopt influencer marketing towards the end of the year.

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