How to Determine the Right Price for Influencer Marketing

At present there are hundreds of thousands of influencers, both domestic and foreign, and standards at the point of pricing in the sector are not quite clear. If you are having trouble with this, you can check out the right price guide for influencer marketing.

While working with Influencer is increasingly successful, brand and manager attention is also turning to influencer marketing. The most common problem at this stage is the budget. Very different questions such as how much budget to allocate for influnce, what prices are very high, or what are the average prices on the market are currently on the agenda of influencer marketing. At this point, the industry has no uniform pricing standards, so prices are on a long list that varies according to different reasons and concerns. Well, what can be considered at this stage?

Measuring Price Value in Influencer Marketing

Although the net prices are not known for Influencer, it is useful to pay attention to certain criteria in order to get the best results without working and paid.

Content Quality And Photo Quality

The quality of the content is the first attention to detail. Was the visual or video used taken with an iPhone or mobile phone? Was DSLR camera used during the work? Is the outcome based on all these things seem professional or amateur? What are examples of this kind of work that have been done before? The answers you give to these types of questions will take you step by step to the correct result and work.

Total Social Access on All Platforms

It must be kept in mind that how many followers are in the influencer work and how satisfactory the interaction with the content is. In all platforms, it should be determined that the accounts are in sufficient level by examining the details such as total participation, appreciation and comments.

Collaborating with brands

Maybe it's a detail that most firms overlook. Before and after the work of an influencer, it is necessary to check whether there is a work with competitors by following the work. Otherwise, the introduction of brands in the same product group for an influencer in turn would constitute a serious disadvantage.

How should the pricing be?

Depending on the amount of the price you can have different forms depending on the agreement. A la carte (a la carte) different payment methods are also called are preferred although not as intense in Turkey and abroad. Payments can also be made for a specific social media and for a specific time. A la carte pricingcan be used for two main purposes: The first is where a brand has a limited budget and does not want to invest in a full campaign. At such times, it is the case that brands test different platforms or the performance of the influencer. A second goal is to fit a specific platform and to charge specific work for this platform differently.

This kind of concern for people's influencer market will always lead to the right conclusion. In this regard, when determining whether pricing is appropriate, it will be more appropriate to look at all of these criteria and to start working after all these criteria have been confirmed for the firm. Thus, it would be appropriate to work in a highly accurate and effective way of working at a high or a charged price.

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