Can Influencer Marketing Improve the Traffic of a New Site Permanently?

Immediately after the launch of the website of a non-governmental organization, they launched an influencer marketing campaign with Gerris Corp., introducing Dan Krueger and Chris Abraham customers to the world of this non-profit organization, including 4,000 influencers and micro-influencers with different audiences. Influencer teams included first-class Influencer, dating back to ordinary bloggers, lawyers and social media celebrities. Everyone was very excited about the success of the launch. After the micro infuencer marketing campaign, a visitor flow occurred.

Micro-Influencer Marketing Can Improve Site Traffic and Brand Awareness

4,000 influencer followers, the official press release of the non-governmental organization and other information about the team, the start story and so on. they received direct feedback from the people they asked after sharing.

After this micro influencer campaign by Gerris Corp, thousands of people were reached via e-mail. 7-10 days after the first contact with the campaign somehow interested in the campaign, but later interacted with people who did not interact with the follow-up, creating a response and a flow to continue to be spoken.

After the flow of WOM and buzz marketing for a new brand, things are not finished, it is too early to sit back and wait to be discovered!

It's not enough for social media marketing. Micro-influencer marketing and influencer marketing have two major impacts. The first is the traffic and interest flood resulting from the energy of access; The second important effect of influencer marketing is the power of SEO gained through indexing social media and blog.

In fact, SEO is not the first strategy of influencer marketing, but influencer marketing is primarily WOM (Word Of Mouth), buzz marketing and viral marketing strategy.

Olabilir Word of mouth can be very effective in the communication of the advertising campaign; because consumers talk about a specific product and consumers' reference to the product can provide an important solution. Many traders have discovered this marketing strategy that is advantageous in the entire advertising campaign of a particular product. One of the positive aspects of this marketing strategy is that the resources of this mouth-to-mouth marketing are predominantly individuals. This means that individuals are not convinced enough to share their businesses because of personal gains and prejudice. The fact that consumers share an honest way of thinking about a product and recommend it by a reliable source for other consumers has a positive impact on the advertising campaign of the particular product or service. In Wikipedia

Power of Micro-Influencer Marketing Not Just SEO, Search or Backlinks

 As mentioned above, relevant blog posts and micro-influencer marketing contributions in social media surveys are not a top priority for search engine optimization (SEO).

The positive impact of each influencer sharing on the next 72 hours that provides significant improvements in site traffic volume is a reflection of the success of a social assistance campaign. So this is an important step towards branding.

Michael Cohn of 'Social Media Today' sums up this topic perfectly: meden A marketing principle based on seven u touches meden before someone activates your call and / or takes action. These approaches can take many forms: to see a physical connection, such as a network meeting, or an ad, both physically and digitally. "


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