6 Criteria to be Considered in Influencer Marketing

Marketing in the digital world is always more difficult than marketing on the street. Digital pre-marketing has become more and more face-to-face, but the shape of marketing is becoming more and more digital every day. People spend more time in the digital world, change their shopping habits, and reshape their world of taste and interest relative to the digital world. Digital marketing is based on attracting people, turning them into sales. This requires a planned and scheduled work. When you are using the right tools, when you do a proper target audience, your success comes to a point. You also need different strategies to go one step further. One of these strategies influencer marketingis now preferred by the world's biggest brands. But; yet many brands are worried about how to do this work. With Influencer marketing criteria we have prepared a short road map for you.

Influencer is essentially a marketing of "phenomena" or "opinion leaders" in the basic sense. We may likewise refer to this as marketing of real marketing to the ear-ear or to the recommendation of a friend-friend. Of course there must be some differences. Firstly, influencer marketing; is a professional marketing strategy. Being an Influencer is also a professional affair. There is a background, a fiction, a text. There is a budget for each type of influencers work.

Every budgeted business must be focused on success and revenue. Otherwise, the budget will be wasted and the brand will not grow or contribute to the sale of the product. In this case there is a question we need to ask;

"When creating a successful influencer marketing strategy, what should you pay attention to?"

Answer this question with a few items;

1- First, you need to decide what you want to measure.

Do you want to grow your social media? Or do you want to advertise a new product? Do you want to create a new customer base or work on brand awareness?
The answers to these questions will determine your brand positioning and your goals in the influencer marketing work you will do for your brand.

2-You need to decide how the right post will look.

If you work with an influencer, you should explain which post type and platform you want. You should inform influencer about which social media platform is more appropriate for you, or which social media platform your target audience uses more.

3- You should choose the influencer that will suit you.

Be knowledgeable about your brand or influencer to introduce your product. If you work with an influencer outside of the industry in which you are a marketer, it is not a very likely outcome to get the results you want. Besides; It is also important to choose a micro or larger influencer. Micro influencer or the advantages and disadvantages of choosing a wider influencer.

4- You should use natural and original content.

6 Criteria for Influencer Marketing

Original content is vital for social media users. If you think of a person seeing hundreds or even thousands of ads in a day, you'll also notice how much people actually get bored with ads. If you are going to make an influencer marketing, you should be careful not to be in a sponsored and adorable style. If the ads smell you will do work, people will not make you happy in the interaction. Instead, it is important to be as simple, natural and reminiscent as possible.

Influencer share suggests that the content to be shared is created by the influencer's own language. This is a critical mark that the brand must deliver in order not to be different from organic and all other shares.

5. Recognize the Influencers mass, listen to their suggestions.

If an influencer proposes to you on your own, listen to it. And even let him add creativity to the project. Be sure this will be the right step for you.

Work with 6-Influencer professionals.

Influencer agencies see a bridge between brands and influencers. You and your mark will help you choose the best name. You can be confident when you can reach the individual, through the agency, and sign up for qualified work.

It is vital for every brand to exist in the digital world today and turn marketing into a digital one. While marketing is digitalizing, it creates its own faces in the digital world. Influencers are the icons of this digital world.

Using these icons correctly; will take you a step ahead in both digital and general marketing strategies. Moreover, as you gain efficiency, influencers, the visible faces of your brand, will be the constant faces of your marketing strategy.

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