3 Most Common Problems and Solutions in Influencer Marketing

With the increasing use of social media in recent years, Influencer Marketing has become quite common. His work to announce the voices of big or small brands using social media managed to attract people's attention to brands. So much so that in 2017, businesses only spent $ 2 billion for Influencer Marketing strategies on Instagram. This number is expected to increase fivefold in 2020, ie to reach $ 10 billion. We wanted to compile the most common problems and problems that should be done in order to overcome these problems.

Most Encountered Problems in Influencer Marketing

Of course, Influencer Marketing has become a big sector today and will have more budget with influencer marketing strategies in the future.

Brands see influencer marketing as an effective way to reach real and secure social media users. Although the benefits are very clear, let's take a look at what are the challenges that will affect the results of influencer marketing.

Finding the Right Influencer

Influencer marketing is not as simple as distributing money to phenomena with the highest number of followers. This is a science in its own right, and some may say it is an art form. Only the right brand and the right influencer lead to the most successful influencer marketing campaigns.

Influencer Marketing's growth has led to new sectoral developments. Bids began to shift from digital agencies to influencer networks. The number of influencers that digital agencies are in contact with is limited, which leads to higher prices for customers. On the other hand, influencer platforms are able to offer thousands of influencer to marketing experts. Influencer platforms come to the forefront as the best choice when you want to do influencer marketing.

Finding the influencer without the right tool and knowledge can be very difficult. Need to focus on Influencer categories? Or should you look at an Influencer's most used hashtags? They may all seem to be rational approaches at first, but they may not be the most effective methods.

Influencers are multi-faceted people and often share more than one topic. They don't use hashtags unless they count exceptions. Influencer can be a photographer, but he can also have a father and a gourmet and other similar roles. According to him? By photography skills? Will you classify by parentage? Not a single category would suit all of them.

Once you start to notice these fine details, you will realize that a more creative approach is needed to solve some of the challenges of influencer marketing.

Ignoring the Interaction of Content

As the sector matures, marketing experts have realized that they need to act smarter and not just rely on the number of followers. Impression numbers and access campaigns are now accepted as the norm. However, when selecting influencer for a campaign, is there any focus on the interaction of the content? Probably not too much.

Why is Influencer's interaction with the contents of the vertical for which it is focused? At first glance, an influencer can have an excellent access average. If you look at the details, you may notice better or worse access when you share specific topics. The secret of the success of a campaign is to determine what these issues are.

Lack of Data Analysis Experience

According to Statista data, about 2 billion internet users use social media. If you are trying to find a suitable audience for your business and industry, you will find it. Are you in the textile or finance sector? Identify any sector, you can find someone sharing with it.

Companies with bad experience with Influencer marketing influencer marketing may not be suitable for. The problem may be the fact that businesses have chosen the wrong influencer for their brands. Worse, the influencer platform you're working with may have chosen the wrong influencers for your brand.

It is a serious problem that there is no way for modern businesses to see how their campaigns will perform with a different influencer. It is impossible to know whether a different approach would affect them better. Moreover, influencer agencies cannot tell the enterprises which influencer is suitable for their business.

This lack of data analysis is very important for influencer marketing. The truth is that although influencer marketing is involved in the strategies of marketing experts, few marketer is well equipped to select influencer. In short, influencer marketing is a bad name, and yet it is a proof that there is much to learn. Those who know how to play the game correctly will get a great return on their investment. To make the right influencer selection and benefit from our experience with CreatorDen who has carried out thousands of influencer marketing campaigns with over 3000 brands. ContactYou can switch to.

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