Popular Blog Ideas for Influencer Markets in Markets

Network logs meaning blogs; ease of use, free options, and allows people to freely process the things they want. Blogs that are asynchronous communication tools can think of messages that are hierarchically ranked and can respond to requests when they are asked, thus providing a healthy relationship between blog owners and readers. Successful bloggers reaching millions by putting their style in a certain concept collects the interest of brands. Bloggers collaborating with brands, they are also able to quickly reach new customers outside their target groups. Worldwide More than 440 million blogs, the internet environment and our lives. Especially for businesses with niche blogs digital partner when both increasing brand awareness as well as potential customers meaningful interaction environment They form. What are the popular blog types that will allow Peki brands to increase their online access and digital activities?

Popular Blog Ideas For Influencer Marketing


Cooking Blogs

Eating - drinking influencers discoveries gourmet delicacies, traditional recipes, product recommendations, kitchen utensils and nutritional information on healthy living, all of which are of interest to anyone who likes to eat. The crazy presentations of housewives especially in our country are sitting on the agenda of social media. In this way, it is not possible to market kitchen utensils and food products in the food sector brands collaborating with food blogs peak sales rates.

Popular Blog Ideas For Influencer Marketing


Lifestyle Bloglar

Lifestyle blog can be described as blogs that reflect a personal lifestyle where the blogger's daily life and interests are involved. Opening a digital window to his life and personal experiences lifestyle blogs; professional work life, home life, parenting, travel, certain days and events. These blogs, which cover a very large area, are suitable for promoting almost every category of products, services and services in terms of brands due to their large followers and their versatility.

Popular Blog Ideas For Influencer Marketing


Do-It-Yourself Blogs

DIY (Do it yourself) are the ones who spend their lives dealing with any product they want with the materials in their hands, instead of buying bloggers. Educational videos offer a wide range of products to followers with advice and tips. Unusual ideas come to life in simple ways, resulting in delightful sharing. They provide helpful tips on how to do something by offering a step-by-step guide on how to do something. Brands that collaborate with these blogs that attract considerable traffic place product in educational format method.

Popular Blog Ideas For Influencer Marketing


Home Blogs

Many different contents can be processed such as decoration in the home category, DIY projects, architectural, garden arrangement and modification and presentation of new designs. Markets specialist in lifestyle decorating influencers they can promote their products in a wide range of fans and can easily access a specific audience with bloggers.

Popular Blog Ideas For Influencer Marketing


Travel - Travel Blogs

Travel influencers photographs and videos they share throughout the world evoke the spirit of the traveler inside us. People who have interesting life stories that they meet in places, places that they visit, unusual places they visit, exotic tastes of tattles, and places that are among the things that must be discovered, brands that cooperate with trip influencers they can reach a very large audience. They may sponsor equipment that facilitates travelers' travel, or may cover accommodation fees.


Fashion Blogs

Fashion influencers they share their clothing and accessory recommendations, shopping tips, seasonal trends, and combined ideas while reflecting their style and acquiring a loyal niche of followers. The followers of fashion influencers to guide buying behaviors they must have a gentle sense of being an opportunity for brands.

Popular Blog Ideas For Influencer Marketing


Beauty - Care Blogs

Beauty and care blogs appeal to a wide range of products with makeup videos, hair styles and product recommendations based on their own experiences. They lead new fashion trends with niche trends that reflect their own style. Brands collaborate with beauty influencers they can easily reach millions of people. (See: How to Become a $ 500 Million Brand with a Single Influencer?)

Popular Blog Ideas For Influencer Marketing


Parent Blogs

Mother-child influencers they become role models for other parents as well as sharing their own experiences and life styles as parents. Particularly for bloggers who have life-saving advice and suggestions for first time child-bearers, they share first-hand experience and motherhood adventures. Marks collaborating with mother - child influencers products for children and services that will facilitate the lives of parents in particular can reach a specific audience.

Popular Blog Ideas For Influencer Marketing


Healthy Life and Sports Blogs

Healthy lifestyle and sports influencers they are encouraging millions of people for a more active life. Expert dietitians, fitness coaches and wellness gurus in the field share food supplements, training plans and easily applicable dietary lists that work on the way to the gym from the kitchen. Motivating people to reach their goals healthy life and sports bloggersespecially for the brands in the food and sporting industries.

Popular Blog Ideas For Influencer Marketing


What to Watch When Collaborating with Bloggers Blogs?

The world's most influential influencers are undoubtedly bloggers. Bloggers who have voiced their knowledge and experience in many areas also have strong digital identities in social networks. At the same time, there are a number of things that you need to be aware of when cooperating with bloggers who interact with their followers on many platforms and feed them with their own experience and experience of life. By following these critical steps, you can sign a sustainable and sustainable advertising campaign with a healthy relationship between your brand and your influencer.

  • Make a plan: Set your goals before creating sponsored content. Then plan on bringing you to these goals, as well as by designing content that matches both your influencer's personality and your followers and your mark.
  • Make a relationship: From the beginning of the campaign period to the end of the influencer's goals, budget and expectations honest be. In addition to following a transparent policy, the briefs you give net, understandable and right Be sure to be based.
  • Do not restrict freedom and authenticity: Allow Blogger to display the messages you want with your own style. Try not to interfere in their freedom. Thus, natural, sincere and realistic content It will be created. Let the blogger who has gained the influencer status let you hear his own voice and for you organic impressionist niche content Allow edited.
  • Submit a resource: Provide free services to blogger to help you organize logistics, equipment and content according to your campaign.
  • Contact us: Communicate with your blogger from the very first moment you start creating the campaign. Give feedback in each step to guide them in the direction of your desired goals. To Blogger's questions instant and clear answers give.
  • Beware of rules: Check that Blogger is not violating any commercial or publishing offense by looking at the messages it wants to give. If necessary, inform your influencer in this direction.
  • Make your relationship sustainable: At the end of the campaign, you do not need to disconnect your entire deal with blogger. Make your relationship sustainable by submitting product samples to them or offering free services even if your cooperation is over. So you can work with the same influencers in your future campaigns, and even if your collaboration is over, you can make sure that you talk about it because your love affair continues.

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Dilek Erdensoy, after his language education in America, after his license on philosophy; design, digital media and marketing. The writer who continues to write on various sites; science, technology and philosophy, closely following the media and advertising industry.
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