2017 in Marketing and After Influencer Marketing

What will change in Influencer Marketing 2017 Marketing?

Basically marketing is a form of communicating with consumers in the hope of selling a product or service, but it often comes as a complicated dance of finding new and exciting ways to convince customers. It is now a fact that different strategies are constantly being developed on this field and this is the biggest development of recent years: influencer marketing. In the world where social media is increasingly dominant, the complex dance of marketing requires increasingly detail-oriented and advanced technology.

The biggest trends in 2017 are increasing marketing opportunities by blocking distractions for marketing professionals. In this context, direct interaction with consumers is a necessity. Influencer marketing, on the other hand, is one of the marketing methods that can not be abandoned especially after 2017 as well as a great need for brands in this regard.

Most of the evaluations for marketers emphasize the point of compliance with this trend. In this context, brands that keep up with new methods such as influencer marketing may be in a more effective position in the market. In particular, an influenza marketing market is expected to be $ 7.9 billion in 2017 and $ 21 billion in 2018. For this reason, we can say that the most promised event in marketing this year will be influencer marketing.

By 2017, brands need to work more strategically and target-focused while incorporating influencer marketing into their marketing strategies. Especially the influencers to be worked on are very important and a point to note. The content publications of the preferred person are very important, as well as a guide in choosing the influencer towards the brand. Influencers are now a pioneer in marketing and the effects are a lot.

A video shared with live broadcast can get instant returns via influencer. For example, more than 1 billion people regularly use YouTube; this number has increased by nearly 40 percent since March 2014 and is now part of strategic plans such as marketing. If we think about the popularity of video-sharing sites like YouTube, social media influencers are able to reach many people in an organic and effective way.

Chat Bots Will Be Enabled

Another detail for marketing in 2017 is the use of chat bots. Chat boots are a real-time 24 hour service. Along with artificial intelligence and programming developments, chat boots allow customers to respond to questions, which makes it possible to use these boots more and more. In addition to influencer marketing in 2017, we can say that chat boots will be another detail that will be put on separate parentheses in marketing.

In the field of marketing in 2017, these two basic stones will further develop and take center stage. In this respect, brands will be able to provide these innovations and positive works towards the target group in 2017 and later marketing activities, which will bring out very effective and positive results.

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