Ben De Gezmeliyim Dedirten 10 Turkish Travel Influencer's Instagram Account

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Sometimes we all want to leave everything and leave, but we can not dare. Instead, we follow the experiences of those who realize our dreams, and we are happy as if there was a glance. Because although we can not go to the countries we have dreamed of, it is everywhere that is possible and we believe that we will do what we want. In this process, we take advantage of the experience of the Instagram influencers' trips, and we process our future plans into a corner of our brains. I have compiled the Instagram accounts of 10 Turkish travel / travel influencers, which will encourage us with our experiences while traveling around the world, and one day we will be guided by the sharing of our journeys, making our journeys easier and more enjoyable.

Ben De Gezmeliyim Dedirten 10 Instagram Accounts of Turkish Travel Influencer
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Mujahid Muğlu, the roads

Mujahid Muğlu, who was born in Malatya, lived in the city he lived in until he was 18 years old. With the move to Istanbul 4 years ago, life has changed to a great extent and has begun to devote more time to its travels. The biggest passion to explore new places and photograph road fliers. As he travels and sees new places, he has not neglected to improve himself in photography in order to be able to photograph his adventures better. In the time remaining from his travels, he is trying to read the Department of Civil Engineering at his university where he is a student. She says she has gone a long way in looking back over the years and she is very happy.


Kemal Kaya, be on the road

It is a great love to be on the way to Kemal Kaya who loves airports, bus terminals, train stations and ticket offices. Towards the end of 2009, he has fallen away by leaving his professional business life for 14 years. Traveling after a one-way ticket trip to Thailand, he traveled more than 70,000 km in 22 months and traveled to 11 countries and more than 250 cities. He lived in New Zealand for about 7 months. "If it is a long life but not full of joy, then what is the meaning of it? I would prefer a short life and a long life full of such explorations, meaningful and pleasant.” Kemal Kaya of the season; experience as a digital nomad, their emotions and thrilling adventures in blogs do not neglect to guide their followers by sharing.


Emre Durmuş, his passions

Everyone has a life story, and I believe that the individual himself draws that way."Said Emre Durmuş; their life story and wrote the stereotypical lifestyle of the stripping of the journey that purpose, Hatay, Turkey has begun visiting many of the city's hitchhiking with a friend near a high school student. Later, he won the Electrical and Electronics Engineering and stepped into university life in Istanbul. the Yolgunluk the story began with the life of leaving the university and business life, selling and distributing all their goods and feeling nothing. So far, 4 continents, more than 40 countries have traveled and more than 300 cities were found. One day, the freedom adventure that begins with the world tour plans to settled into a different place in the world and last for a lifetime. In this process, the photographer continues the world tour which is not determined in return for the stories blended with the videos.



Öykü Dogan and İdil Atay, at the age of 7 - 8, decided to fight at school and become friends afterwards. When these struggles arrive at the age of 23, they will say, "Who will wash the dishes? Who will fold the clothes? " "The best friendships start fighting."These two beautiful young girls prove the word; where they visit and see, where they describe their life experiences as an effort to shout their loved life details to other people, Instagram accounts for their happiness with their energies and followers.


Orçun Dalarslan

I Nereyekacsak.coOrçun Dalarslan, the founder of Turkey, traveled to Europe with InterRail when he was 20 years old. He lived in Paris and Brussels for a while. "Traveling is a virus, you can not leave the taste again."So far, nearly 50 countries have traveled. Having been unable to resist the need to explain the places he discovers as he discovered it, and began to listen to his friends, he started blogging and sharing his experiences. After that Tempo Travel, National Geographic Traveler Articles like magazines have been published. When his profession is about brand management; Skyscanner, Red Bull, Anadolu Efes and İş Bank as well as branded travel writings. also Expert TV Preparing informative videos on travel for.


solution, kucukmartha

Özüm Kasapoğlu other kucukmarth A; Microsoft, Pepsi and Gazprom , he has traveled more than 30 countries on the one hand while continuing his profession as a lawyer in famous companies. He has plenty of photos, professional diving, writing in various journals, gourmet tours and various events. the balayirota another Instagram account, offers recommendations on the best honeymoon routes around the world. His travel adventures, experiences and discoveries in blogs sharing information on travel, food, space and events to their followers.


Deniz Tarhan, hohhoyyt

Currently working in the field of information in the banking sector, Tar Tarhan develops software on payment systems in a private bank. She loves to research, read, learn new things and get new hobbies; She has trained specialists in the fields such as side flute, theater, photography, latin dances, tango, skiing, windsurfing, wave surfing and sailing. This passion of Deniz Tarhan, who loves to learn and experience new things, has directed him to his travels. "I guarantee that I will live."He said, adding his personal notes, his travel experiences in blogs he did not neglect to find tips and suggestions for his followers. Why hohhoyyt those who ask, "Born to Laugh"That he has adopted motto as a philosophical life and"Why are the ages in the eyes created to laugh?"With a reference to his song.



Özlem Küçüközcan studied journalism and then Graphic Design as a result of his passion for media and literature since he was a child. After working as a visual director for a while, she realized her childhood dream and made a sports program spikery on an internet TV. At present he serves as the editor of one of Turkey's largest news site. He creates and writes abundantly in the remaining days from creating his own branded creative content, trying to travel the world at every opportunity he catches by making travel programs. A person who is devoted to discovering himself, a life-loving and keyfine-minded one Özlem Küçüközcan, who defines it as " why travel when he says, he replies: "To Renewed! It is the goodness of the soul that makes me feel the feelings I have not satisfied, every time I open my eyes like paralysis and turn my head."I keep the trip diaries blog does not neglect to make travel advice to its followers.


Melis Tosun

Law graduate of the Melis Tosun, so far Turkey's 30 cities and 18 countries of the world have had the opportunity to visit the city of 54. Travel passion in blogs and gives detailed information to its followers. She describes the blog she has shared for about 2 years: "This blog, touristic - uneducated, with friends - family, romantic - fun 'whatever it is'is not for living, but for those who live for food (especially for dessert) and most importantly for lucky ones who can sleep everywhere!


barkinozdem is

Barkın Laçin Özdemir, who started to travel around the world with a 400-pound education credit by giving a one-year break to his / her university student, visited 38 countries in 6 continents within 9 months. During the Ottoman period, Barkın He called. He gives the right of the name and travels the world with airplanes that are passionate since his childhood. He even gets plane models from every country he goes to and he has more than 147 aircraft models. Barkin, inspired by the traveling spirit of his retired military father in NATO, discovered South America for six months. Some countries stay for a long time, sometimes a continental tour from the beginning. He swam with a dolphin while jumping rocks in South Africa, met a four-meter pit in a forest in Australia, had to sleep on the bank in Budapest, met the recluse in Peru, joined the shaman's ritual in Peru, said he had changed his life in Sri Lanka, Parties participated and witnessed the dance of the whales on the Gold Coast. He has been a guest in the homes of people he has never known in the countries he traveled to, and in time they all became like family. Even when he went back to South Africa, he even took raw meatballs and ravioli as a gift to the family he had with them. When he went to Chile, he taught English for children in different regions for a while as part of his social volunteer project. Discovering that he is emotional during his travels, Barkin says he is surprised to discover how courageous he is during his adventures and that he gets his most important decisions while traveling around the world. Himself digital nomad Barkın, On a YouTube account continues to share his experience with his followers.


Travel influencers; Instagram accounts, Youtube channels and blogs continue to inspire and follow the mass. We all want to travel around the world witnessing their travel stories but we dare not. We are curious to find out which tours they use along the way, which backpacks are resistant to rain, and which airline they travel with. From the smallest equipment they use during their travels, they want to take advantage of all their experiences from the clothes they wear to the preferences of the electronic appliances they enjoy on their trips, and we consider them as a travel guide. This is actually great opportunity for brands. Freelance is a tablet in the backpack of a working traveler, or a non-heavy computer, offering us the dream of navigating while working. For those who are on a budget, travel trips, cheap airline tickets are encouraged by a travel influencer. Even when we travel all the way, even a vitamin drink that they gain from energy attracts us. In this context In influencer marketing, in particular the travel influencers appeal to the brand from many areas, to reach a wider audience faster and more effectivelyIt also provides an opportunity.

Ben De Gezmeliyim Dedirten 10 Instagram Accounts of Turkish Travel Influencer

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