With CreatorDen influencer marketing platform
easily creating campaigns for your brand
you can start getting offers from influencers.

How does it work?

Step 1: Create a New Campaign

From the CreatorDen Platform Click the Create New Campaign button. Explain your expectation clearly from both your brand and the influencers.

Step 2: Choosing Followers and Budget Spaces

The budget you choose per proposal will affect the content of your proposals.
You can also evaluate bids that fall outside of your selected budget and follower range.

<15k takipçi> 100K-250K Follower / Subscriber Influencer | 3500-5500 TL
15K-30K Follower / Subscriber Influencer | 150-500 TL 250K-500K Follower / Subscriber Influencer | 5500-8500 TL
30K-60K Follower / Subscriber Influencer | 500-1500 TL > 500K Followers / Subscribers Influencer | £ 300 +
60K-100K Follower / Subscriber Influencer | 1500-3500TL  

Step 3: Choose Gender, Age and Interest

Choose influencer interests that will share with your brand's target audience. You can also choose gender and age breaks.

Step 4: Publish the campaign

Once you've created your campaign, publish it. After reviewing your campaign, our team will roll out the influencers as they will be open to the submission of proposals.  

Step 5: Assess and Approve Influencer Proposals

Confirm the most appropriate offers for your brand and start your influencer marketing process. Before you approve any proposal, you can ask the influencer to revise the proposal by talking on the platform and plan the time to share. You will be charged when you accept any influencer's offer. This fee is kept on CreatorDen accounts until you share the influencer.

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