Foodgasm Alarm: These Instagram Accounts Will Squeeze Your Mouth!

Attention! This article may cause you to lose weight. I personally had to fight with a lot of calorie chocolate desserts, pies, burgers passing in front of my eyes while preparing my writing. I have not even done a few snatches in the meantime. 🙂

Instagram is a very rich platform for unusual recipes, different cultural tastes we have not experienced before. Foodies' crazy flavor tours, unusual discoveries of gourmets and even the traditional culinary delights of housewives make our appetite. Especially in recent years, Instagram has become the most popular platform for sharing food, with its colorful kitchens of Turkish housewives, wild presentations connecting olives and even ribbons. As a matter of fact, the brands also worked with the influencers, who had lunch accounts in the Instagram, to find out the opportunity to introduce their kitchen products to a wider audience. Let's go on a little taste tour before talking about influencer marketing in Instagram.

Foodgasm Alarm: These Instagram Accounts Will Squeeze Your Mouth!

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I yemek_ask

Recipes that you can easily apply at home as much as they are delicious, I yemek_ask; The descriptions also give details and tricks of the recipes.


refika birgül

Refika Birgül, known as Refika's Kitchen and his Instagram account, found himself in the kitchen after his dream of becoming an advertiser. Refika Hanım, who aims to bring different tastes to our guests by loving her country cuisine, says that making food is the simplest way to show her love. from Refika brand magazines, hand-eye gaze, country-based kitchenware, housekeeping workshops, newspaper magazines, TV programs, books. food and culinary arts in various venues. If you are not satisfied with this, Refika's Cooking School It publishes 5 new videos every week on its name channel, offering delicious and practical recipes to followers. In short, when food is called blogger and influencer, it is one of the first names to come to mind.


idilyaz is

After doing his undergraduate education in the United States on Entrepreneurship and Marketing in the private sector working Idil Hanim returned to Turkey for a while, giving a career break taken during pregnancy Kitchen culinary training at the Art Academy. She is very curious about eating since she was young and she especially likes to eat. On Youtube channel, he offers practical recipes that he likes, making it easier for new entrants and those with less time. Itself Foodaholic Other influencers like Danla Bilic who became idol are also guests. She loves food-loving followers like her, while she is addressing a wide range of food bloggers and Instagram influencers.


gurukaf to

"What does not kill me will satisfy me," says Burak Kan. gurukaf to; food and travel experiences, especially Instagram account On Youtube channel and in blogs sharing. He does not have to offer his followers different tastes of different cultures he experiences on his travels, but also includes the cultural and flavor stories of the dishes. the tokgezenlerkulub In the Instagram account, they come together with other food influencers and share their tastes on their food-travel tours with their extraordinary taste followers.



The food book, made of 105 recipes, Open Kitchen apart from Ece Zaim; All for Kids magazine natural flavors for children prepared themed recipes, worked with many brands and universities to organize workshops, prepared invitations and gave counseling. He did not settle for it but he was a chef and a host of TV programs. Same time Promotion a jury member in the cooking contest program. Ece Zaim, who also offers concept and menu consultancy in different restaurants, prepares and presents both delicious and healthy recipes to his followers on Instagram account. Among them, Refined Sugarless Vegan Energy BarI would recommend you try. (For Recipe) Click here.)



Ozlem Hanım, who was originally an engineer and working as a job security expert, opened her instinct to motivate her while weakening her Instagram page. While he tried to motivate himself with recipes and sharing in the weight loss process, he noticed that it was also useful to others over time. Nutrition with practical and delicious recipes is a lifestyle and shows that you are not forced to starve while on a diet. hergun10binadimat with another Instagram account, encouraging followers to pursue a more active life. He himself "fitgur Up"And shares healthy recipe and place of practice. You can also share cut, split, shred, sun preparing them with a touch of interest and preparing pleasant presentations.



Yağız İzgül, who is known for the Duel Competition Program of the Chiefs, was originally a geophysical engineer but went after his dreams and opened a restaurant in a shopping center and entered the food industry. Yağız Bey, who wants to do food related work since the age of 5; He wants iron casting products they need to be able to cook dishes not find in Turkey's market, fathers who have access to the profession and have produced their own casting foundry business by establishing a pan HECH brand. He likes to make food a sort of meditation, and expresses that it is a refreshing, refreshing soul food. Instagram offers gourmet places to go absolutely before dying and practical recipes from his own kitchen to his followers in delicious menus. The short story of Hayata, consisting of blended recipes "Diner FoodThere is also a food book called.



White Collared Gourmet"Alper Kırdal stands out from the difficulties in the corporate sector and shows that it is possible to discover new tastes while touring and traveling while working on his Instagram account and blog, which he defines as a part-time hobby. He also gives gourmet guidance for wine tasting events held abroad.



Tijen Aktay, who defined himself as a food counselor, also left his profession and headed to culinary arts. He has offered meals programs on various TV channels, Flavor He has counseled me in his magazine, Mother Baby He has shared his recipes in the magazine and now he continues to do the food counseling of the brands. Lezzetibol and shares his delicious recipes for followers on their Instagram account.


I alininkarniacik

On this account you will encounter the flavors and recipes you have never seen before. Extraordinary recipes such as cheesecake cooked in mandarin, Matcha tea chocolate lava cake, pumpkin squash, homemade kokorecli pizza, liver burger, Nutella spaghetti, and Giramisu inspired by tiramis will add new flavors to your cuisine.



How can you cooperate with influencers who are cooking accounts for your brand in Instagram?

Worldwide, more than 75% of brands use Instagram. In Instagram, the interaction rates of brands are 10 times higher than Facebook, 54 times higher than Pinterest and 84 times higher than Twitter. Seven out of every 10 hashtags used in shipment sharing are branded. Influencer marketing, the most effective content marketing strategy you can make your brand heard more widely and make them more aware of your products and services. Influencers that reach masses of followers through social media blogs, Youtube channels and Instagram accounts, which can be guided by their experience and share of the masses; For brands, they are treasures. Influencers can naturally direct their buying behavior and influence the organic growth of brands' interaction rates.

Instagram'da in the food category, the most effective way to market the influencer marketing methods, brands, kitchen tools and products and food products used in food recipes are sold. Because everyone loves to eat and it is an important culture especially in our society. It is this that accounts that share food in the Instagram can reach millions of crazy ribbon presentations. Anyone who likes to cook or who just wants to eat is interested in the flavors of these accounts. When you like a recipe you want to have kitchen utensils that make it easier to cook. When you see a photo of a chocolate - strawberry pancake, you want to have a tray decorated with the traditional motifs of this taste. Because the experience in that perfect photo makes him happy and human; it is a creature that goes after the things, enthusiasm, and desires that attract attention. It must be his happiness. He puts on the bench, puts it on the kitchen counter and smiles happily when he puts his fragrant cake out of the fireplace.

Foodgasm Alarm: These Instagram Accounts Will Squeeze Your Mouth!

Instagram triggers our desire to acquire objects visually stimulating the mind. Before we buy something, we want to know that thing will work for us. Those who provide this trust most firmly are influencers. Because, contrary to the contrived and flamboyant world of traditional advertising, influencers share natural squares from their everyday lives. As followers know they are long-lasting, they trust and believe in them. An influencer's experience is important and valuable. Their views on the products and services they use are real. If you use a brand of ketchup next to your french fries, it means that the ketchup is almost gourmet-flavored.

If an Instagrammer offers practical cooking recipes for employees, a kitchen robot that allows food to be prepared faster, a pressure cooker or a multi-functional pan-fryer, so these products are really useful and can make our life easier. Add your plans to create Instagram advertising campaigns with influencers as soon as possible to promote your brand's products and services to a wider audience and increase your sales ratios. With the influencers of food accounts in Instagram, you can quickly and appropriately budget your business CreatorDen influencer marketing platform You can use.

We wish you happy week, blended with dark chats, where healthy and delicious food is not missing from your table ...


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Dilek Erdensoy, after his language education in America, after his license on philosophy; design, digital media and marketing. The writer who continues to write on various sites; science, technology and philosophy, closely following the media and advertising industry.
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