5 Steps for the First Time Influencer Marketing

There is not an idea in your life or in many areas in your life, you always have a lot of ideas and always an idea flight. This situation is experienced by many people, especially the marketers who are constantly in this situation. When promoting a product, there are many options when presenting a content. There are important points that should not be missed when doing all this. There is a need to do many things, such as the right audience, the right channel, the right instant messaging, the right bidding choice.

Well,Why influencer marketing?'Influencer Marketing; is one of the most remarkable digital advertising methods used when promoting any product. Many people are directing the most organic aspect of Influencer Marketing and content marketing customers' view of the product.

In fact, simple, creative Influencer content alone is not enough. Today there are approximately 1 million internet sites. What does that mean? In a simple way, if you question the meaning of this, you are not the only person who has to produce an option. So as an influencer, you should help to make choices about what you have in content.

Influencer Content with 5 Steps in Digital Advertising

We have shared information on how to reach the target audience with Influencer marketing content in the following 5 steps for you.

1 - Change Your Thinking about Influencer Content

People often do not change their approach to promotions, despite targeted promotional campaigns made by Influencers. The influencer content produced by Influencer marketing ensures that the content is perceived as a normal share by not being so different from the influencer's standard shares.

2- Know Your Feeling

This seems fairly simple, but is often overlooked. Do you know who and where your target group is? We can not say a single answer about where it is. But; the most suitable people to target the target, if they will examine it as micro masses, brandis an influencer follower who exhibits certain behaviors appropriate for his or her intention. If you want to get some insights about the target audience, you can find out more by examining the influencer accounts.

3 - Segment Your Kitten

The target audience is one of the first criteria that is actually determined during the birth of the product. However, it should be detailed according to many criteria such as age, gender, behavior, location, income etc. Here is the most important feature of Influencer marketing. If you are doing the Influencer marketing work, we recommend; you will work by segmenting your target audience and selecting influencers according to these segments. Thus, you can also evaluate more thoroughly when examining the results of your work.

4- B2B or B2C?

Influencers are often influential in the B2C market, but mostly actively in Instagram and Youtube channels. First of all, what is sold with influencer marketing in these circles is content and interaction, not product promotion. It is a platform with 2 billion users to evaluate Facebook, and it serves both B2B and B2C markets within 2 billion users.

5- Failure Points Evaluation and Correction

There will be negative feedbacks, as in many advertising channels. Many people thought that their money was wasted when they first used Facebook ads. But; as he began to learn how to do better and take the performances he had expected as he corrected his mistakes. In such a case, you should make the following items.

If you fail, two things will happen normally.

1 - Thinking you did not work and giving up

2 - Correct the points that you think might be wrong and try again.

More communication or a different communication can increase the return of the work done. If the optimizations that can be done are diversified, the audience can be expanded, the comments coming from the shares can be examined, the language used in the content can be differentiated, and so on.

5 Short Lists to Select Influecer Content

You can use our 5-point checklist, where you can check the availability of your content for influencer marketing.

  1. You sell content, you do not advertise
  2. Learn your kinship and examine online behaviors to understand them
  3. Separate your masses, go to each mass with different messages.
  4. Test your work with different approaches to your brand
  5. Take fast action when needed and avoid errors quickly
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