How Fashion Bloggers and Influencers Affect the Industry's Future?

If you are a strict follower of the fashion world or just browsing fashion magazines while you are just browsing the market, you have probably noticed that there have been many changes in recent times. Now the cover girls of fashion magazines are not world famous models, actors or movie stars; now cover girls attract the attention of fashion-related followers around the world; fashion bloggers and influencers, a reason why marketing experts understand the rising role of social media influencers and include influencer marketing in marketing strategies.

Now fashion week is not much different from fashion magazines. Content shared by fashion bloggers and influencers for fashion weekends compete with fashion magazines. Along with the rising influencer marketing, you have the opportunity to live on the podium in live broadcasting from Snapchat, or to see it in Instagram as soon as the podium finishes.

96% of marketing professionals working in the fashion industry agree that influencer marketing is an effective way to increase brand awareness. One of the most important reasons for this change is that social media has brought a transparency to the fashion industry that is far less of a priority.

Here are a few reasons why the fashion industry places such an important and unique spot in influencer marketing efforts:

1. Fashion is one of the most popular topics in social media.

2. Every consumer does not regularly do sports, watch movies or cook, but almost everyone in the world wears clothes.

3. A concept and visual content that is very much connected to fashion visuals makes it possible to link up to 94% more than written content alone.

Now even the biggest luxury consumer brands like Louis Vuitton, Dior and Cartier prefer to work with social media influencers, which are a personal and profound link with their followers around the world. While fashion brands bring original and exciting experiences to the masses thanks to the growing digital trends, the fashion world is also leading the fast-growing influencer marketing trend and prefers to work with fashion bloggers and influencers.

Here are a few reasons why fashion brands need to be very interested in influencer marketing:

Markets are easily accessible to target groups thanks to specific followers of bloggers and influencers. The fashion bloggers and the brands that are in contact with the influencers are also connected with the followers of bloggers and influencers. Sears, for example, reached a target audience with credible accounts for the message she was hoping to reach through a clothing campaign for Spanish women, along with fashion bloggers and influencers to reach a multicultural audience.

Consumers have a much stronger connection with bloggers and influencers. The digital generation has a tendency to describe itself more deeply than real models and mannequins. Influencer marketing moves the photos of a design shoe to Instagram pages of one of our fashion bloggers in an unreachable fashion.

Sponsorships no longer feel original and original. In the past, only the famous people were making the most popular and effective explanations. Consumers are now looking at the ideas of people like themselves while they are buying and acting according to their experience. The experience of bloggers and influencers is a very important place at the moment when people turn their attention to blogs and social media.

Influencer marketing's rapid adoption by the fashion industry reveals the shift in all the different consumer verticals; The intimate and original marketing tools leave the shadows of expensive and tough strategies. The fashion brands that bring technology to their side can bring original and exciting experiences to consumers. Bloggers and influencers are now in our lives and have the power to bring their talents and followers to where they go with the content they create.

Source: Business 2 Community, TapInfluence

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