Influencer Marketing Rules Are Changing on Facebook, What Will Change Bring?

Facebook The new update, which we have been working on for months, has started a new era on behalf of people working with brands. This new system, which made it necessary to create a different strategy for brands, enabled the conversion of paid content into sponsored publications. It has been criticized by most people for bringing higher budgets, but it is gradually being understood that brands will love the new system in the process. So that in the new system brand and influencer have gained a significant advantage in reaching detailed data such as showing that they are working together on a share, sharing access, participation, total spend, and CPM. At first glance, this gives the impression that Facebook advertisers have developed paid promotional applications for influential marketing, but at the point where the content can be promoted like sponsored content, it is easy to reach the potential customers of the brand.

Why brands will love Facebook's new paid feature?

Some groups Facebook as a fraud he made to make more money in the social network. Though it is true that Facebook will be able to earn with new features, it's also true that brands will help brands drive more effective influencers marketing campaigns. The reasons for this are as follows;

Broader Targeting, More Metrics

For content produced by influencer with the new system advanced targeting and metric possibility emerged. There is now more option on the table in order to get a greater value of content while brands have more chance of interfering with the content. So much so that before the update the brands could only use limited Facebook features. Because it was not known that the brand and the influencer were working together on a content, the content could only be provided in the brand network with the influencer network or content sharing on the brand network. In the new system, brands have the option of scaling the content of the influencer-generated content directly to the target groups. This may seem like a small point, but being able to see how effectively the user-generated content interacts with the content created by the brand, and intervene in the content, should be seen as a very important innovation in determining the strategy for marketers.

Facebook influencer marketing

More information on IGC performance and scaling of content has brought scaling and targeting to brands that have never been reached before.

With Facebook's new expansion capabilities, brands can now benefit more from smaller, more focused domains. This will contribute to the brand in an economic sense, as it will take away from paying too high a fee for a single post.

Do not forget that Facebook is not a single channel

Update by Facebook influencer marketing on behalf of the very serious discussions brought. But at this stage, the most important detail is that Facebook is not the only channel for influencer marketing. Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin and Pinterest have a major appeal for influencer work and in this respect both brands and influencers need to consider the different advantages and different customer contact points. Over the years, Facebook has undergone tremendous change in creating value-added advertising capabilities for both the company and its users. The experience gained over time creates a serious confidence that Facebook will not offer such a possibility to make money just for the sake of money. The new Facebook feature, which will start to be used much more effectively in this period, can launch a new era by opening new gateways to the influencer market.

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