Brands that use business profile in Instagram do not only increase e - commerce sales rates rapidly but also increase brand awareness, website traffic and interaction rates at the same time. In Instagram, it is possible to increase access rates with story sharing as well as sending them to reach wider mass by creating successful social media campaigns. We have compiled for you Instagram story guide for businesses announcing your brand's voice to millions of people.

Instagram Story Guide for Businesses


What Can You Do With Instagram Story Shares?

In August, last August Instagram's response to the Stories feature was similar to that of Snapchat. Stories, which have been developed quite a bit since then, have been the most preferred feature for users. Well What can you do in Instagram story sharing?

  • You can take photos and videos, or you can use the images already in your gallery.
  • You can share essays with photos and videos, start live broadcasts, or capture different frames using modes like Boomerang, focus, superzoom, tersten, and hands free.
  • With Instagram's newest feature, IGTV, you can share videos by shooting videos in 1 hour length.

Instagram Story Guide for Businesses

  • You can colorize your photo and video shares by adding text, location, date, time, subject tags, and label other accounts. You can also add extra photos with GIF and front camera. You can also shape your Instagram story shares, create polls, vote, and ask your followers questions to increase interactivity.
  • You can make your photos and videos more striking using ready-made effects before sharing them.
  • If you are using a business account, you can access statistics about your Instagram story shares.

Instagram Story Guide for Businesses


Instagram Story How should your strategy be?

If you are using the Instagram story feature for your business, it is also important that you follow a specific strategy. Sharing too many stories can cause your stories to be taken over by the users. Therefore, it will be healthier to draw attention and share on the spot. Story Shares You can increase your access rates by winning new followers as you move up the top in the "Explore" section. How do you follow a strategy for your business in your Instagram story sharing?

  • Analyze your followers' expectations well and organize your share number accordingly. If you regularly share a certain number of shares, your followers will also expect you to share frequently. You can decide the share count by taking advantage of the statistics.
  • Since your Instagram story shares can be viewed for 24 hours, it does not really matter when you share. If you want to get quick interaction with current news, you can choose the hours your followers use Instagram extensively.
  • As you share stories for your business, you can use promotions as well as a style that makes your followers laugh, motivate, relax and entertain. Contrary to normal posts, the enjoyment of story sharing will attract more attention from your followers. So do not hesitate to use the fun plug-ins offered by Instagram in story sharing. Regardless of the style of your sharing, be careful to present it with creative fiction.

Instagram Story Guide for Businesses

  • In Instagram, anyone who is shared openly can click on the locations and hashtags to view them outside of your followers. Increase your chances of being discovered by new masses by adding your location and hashtag stickers to your Instagram Story Shares.
  • You can draw traffic to your web site by adding links to your stories while sharing for your business. On this page you can read your new texts, spread your brand news and increase the sales rates of your products.
  • Especially influencer marketing If you are organizing an Instagram campaign or contest using your strategy, you are collaborating the influencer, brands, or other account holders, you can increase your access and interaction rates and strengthen your virtual community connections. This will also provide you with new followers.
  • Influencer marketing Remember to use the "Paid Affiliate" tag when talking about accounts you collaborate with in your campaigns.

Instagram Story Guide for Businesses

  • Get feedback on your business's products, services and services by adding "Emoji Slider" or polls to your Instagram story share. You can also use this feature to enhance your followers or get new ideas.
  • Listen to the ideas of your followers beyond voting with the last feature "Instruction" sticker from Instagram. This way you can follow a brand new way of interacting with the target in Instagram.
  • Provide stories that reflect your operator's persona by making live broadcasts as well as sharing Instagram stories. You can also record live broadcasts after they are done and have them displayed by your followers 24 hours a day.
  • Create fun GIF-like stories using the Boomerang feature in your Instagram story shares.
  • Differentiate your Instagram story shares using visual and video programs. Provide followers with pleasant stories by creating follow-up stories.

Instagram Story Guide for Businesses

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Dilek Erdensoy, after his language education in America, after his license on philosophy; design, digital media and marketing. The writer who continues to write on various sites; science, technology and philosophy, closely following the media and advertising industry.
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