How to Manage Corporate Instagram Accounts Successfully?

Instagram, which has grown rapidly since its first encounter with its users, has become very popular among social networks with the purchase of Facebook. Recent developments and updates have made it the most popular platform for many brands. The trademarks in Instagram sometimes make mistakes in their shares unintentionally or consciously (because they think it will be better). But it is possible to successfully manage your corporate Instagram account! These shared misconceptions also cause them to lose their faithful followers, their interaction rates to fall drastically, and even their current customers to lose. We have listed the most common mistakes that brands make in corporate Instagram shares.

Disappearance of Identities of Marks

Just like people, every brand, even every product, has an identity. These identities, which distinguish them from their counterparts and become special, must be the same in every area. While differentiating the brand identity from other brands and products in those points that are directly linked to the brand's values, they also help users to better recognize the brand or product.

Buy Fake Trackers for Brands Instagram Account

In the early days when institutional accounts began to be used in Instagram, companies were very interested in the number of followers. Today, this situation has changed completely. Now the number of users, social network structure, customer value, interactivity rates have become even more important. But one of the greatest mistakes brands have made in using Instagram in the past or in the present day is 'buying followers' or it happens. With purchased accounts, followers can look pretty much; but most of the followers who follow the account within these fake users are not real people, but boots. In addition, even a real person, an irrelevant mass of products or brands is accumulated in Instagram account.

Buying Stocks Using Money Stocks

It is definitely not recommended to share your stock photos, which are paid or free, on brands' accounts. Views of the field of purchase often look like something that saves and comforts the Instagram, but it is not actually in the long haul. This type of stock images can be used by competing companies or even by other companies that are not closely related to the brand from a distance. From another point of view, the loyal audience following the brand or product according to the structure of Instagram is expected to create stories about the brand or product in the account manager. The company's shared visuals mean that creating stories is closer to loyal followers.

More Hashtag Picks in Instagram Shares

In the posts shared in the Instagram, 7 hashtag brings up the interaction to the higher level, but the 8 hashtag and afterwards causes the posts to be less popular. Another error in Instagram is to use the same hashtags constantly. Constantly using the same tags both restricts access and partially blocks access to new followers.

Communicating With Themselves

Markets can not engage in interactive communication with their followers when they use the tools we call traditional marketing. But in today's social media platforms and Instagram, this situation has completely disappeared. Interacting and interacting easily with brand followers is easy. In the eyes of followers, companies that succeed in capturing this interaction in the social media channels are always a zero ahead of their competitors.

Influencer Marketing Campaigns Influencer Brand Match Essential Terms

Instagram phenomena, or public, reputed celebrities to introduce the products of brands yes, an effective advertising - marketing method. The point to note here is that the brand must thoroughly investigate whether the title it intends to work with on its campaign for Instagram is consistent with its target mass and brand. Because in this type of work, it is not to be ignored that the phenomenon represents the brand. It is also a fact that the company that Influencer will work with and represents the product is a point that should be kept. Because a scandalous brand, which is the face of the brand or who is going to live, is also very influential.

Stats Review and Measurements Not Required

In social media marketing it is very important to measure and examine the statistics. Among these reviews, it is necessary to consider who is following the brand, the age range of the followers, the cities they live with, and the time periods during which they spend their time on the internet. It can measure the performance of brand sentences and stories by providing statistical information to Instagram users. They can create a work plan by displaying the number of senders or stories viewed by the total number of people, how many people they have accessed, how many clicks the linker has received on the website, the number of followers entering the Instagram, and even the number of individual accounts without sending them.

Instagram'a not to look at the eyes of users

It is also not possible to look at the end user's mistakes that brands made the most. Rather than looking at the instagram shares in terms of the target audience, it does not attract the attention of the person making the markers' share or the users or the target audience sharing the posts according to their interests and likes. A marketing work that seems to be enjoyable or sound to the agency that carries on behalf of the brand or on behalf of the brand may not attract the attention of the target audience and current follower or may not be very relevant to the marketing goals of the brand. That is why it is important to communicate while preparing Instagram shares and campaigns, to manage the needs and behaviors of the target group considering the goals of the brand.

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