Digital Media Revolution in Fashion Industry: Influencer Marketing

With the digital revolution, the fashion sector is also adapting to the changing game rules and adapting to technology. As the influence of digital and social media in textiles and fashion industry grows more and more, we have witnessed recently that many brands set new strategies in this direction.

Especially as digital media products are increasingly being used day by day and more and more are being used every day, the passing of sales and marketing operations to digital channels is an unquestionable reality. In other words, selling without a physical store in the past is very unlikely, with the intense use of digital media, nowadays, companies without online stores can not address the bulk of the market. Statistically, it is expected that fashion and apparel brands' sales from their online sales channels will rise to 20% by the end of 2018, with only 3% in 2015. In other words, in the online fashion and clothing sector, sales are expected to grow by around 600% over a three year period.

It is an inevitable reality that online sales and marketing processes have a significant market share in fashion and apparel industry. So what can be done to realize an effective campaign in the field of digital marketing, increase the sales rates and increase the brand awareness of the users?

Influencer marketing is exactly what comes out as a new generation sales and marketing method that comes into play here. In the fashion industry, we can say that it is a system that can be used to spread new ideas about trends, clothing and accessories and turn them into effective sales obtained, and to produce a more effective selling rate than many other marketing techniques.

When we look at the overall operation of the system, here is the most important power of influencer marketing. The idea leaders we define as Influencers present their products to their followers in an idea or stream. Precisely here, it is necessary to mention the importance of correct grouping of influencers; because when you work with the right influencer it is possible to reach the right target group.

When the fashion sector is considered, an extremely dynamic marketing atmosphere can be observed. Potential customers using a variety of social media and internet tools to follow up trends are self-contributing to the creation of a much more productive marketing operation by participating through trends or flow influencers.

In short, influencer marketing is one of the most effective methods in today's social media and internet marketing; it is far from being a temporary excitement as it comes from the idea of ​​a channel that is based on the flow of this product or the product to which many products depend from the product, and that the consumer also takes this idea into consideration. In other words, influencer marketing becomes a must for every company that operates in the fashion and clothing sector, when social media power and internet shopping are growing at a rapid pace.

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