New Generation Marketing Strategy Used by the Biggest Companies of the World: Influencer Marketing

Word of mouth marketing is considered the oldest and most effective marketing strategy. Influencer marketing is also emerging as a reflection of "word of mouth marketing" in social media and digital in our digitalized world, and social media influencers are able to create an effective and sustainable marketing strategy in social media with the content produced for brands.

CreatorDen aims to bring together brands and social influencers, influencer marketing as a family, and what we should pay attention to in the first place.

Meet Influencer Marketing!

Influencers appeal to a specific audience with specific content they create in specific topics. The trust you establish with a friend is also the relationship between influencers and followers over time. How Does? The influencer you are following becomes a constantly accessible social media, so you have a place in your life, and the comments or recommendations made by a person you like about a product become valuable. Influencer marketing ensures that this trust relationship is included in the marketing strategies of brands. With the content that influencers create for brands, brands are already involved in the influencer-follower trust relationship that has formed. At the same time, influencers who focus on specific issues and have followers on these issues can also be very effective for brands in terms of targeting.

Another reason for this trust is that we can find social media influencers closer to ourselves and put ourselves in their place, so an influencer can be one of our friends or family every day. Thus, the comment made by influencer about the brand is much more sincere, sincere and realistic than the self-introduction of the brand to people; Thanks to the trust relationship created, people are making sure that influencer shares what they really believe in social media.

Influencer marketing, which you can pass on all this to far less than the budgets devoted to traditional advertising tools, is quickly taking its place among marketing strategies.

How should I start?

Specify Your Purpose

When incorporating influencer marketing into your marketing strategy, it is important to first clarify why you prefer influencer marketing. For example, you can use influencer marketing to increase brand awareness, introduce a new product, or involve people in your story.

Who Builds the Target Kidniz?

Whilst using Influencer marketing as a marketing strategy, it is also very important to whom your brand or product is addressed, or who your target audience is. Working with an influencer that will appeal to the target will produce very effective results. Because an influencer of followers targeted by you is already connected with your followers in the social media and is already affecting them; so that content shared by influencer will also provide communication directly with the target, including the trust relationship with the target.

Macro and Micro Influencer Separation

When applying influencer marketing, it is also necessary to pay careful attention to the macro or micro influencer. Whilst it is not clear who is the macro who is the micro influencer, but we can refer to the influencers who are between 5,000 and 100,000 followers as micro. It would be more effective to choose micro-influencers for a service or product that appeals to a specific target audience. Working in this way with a specific influencer of target mass allows you to directly present and reach your target audience. So working with an influencer with 1 million followers to get your product targeted is probably your brand and may not be effective for the target you want to reach.

This does not mean that the influence of macro influencers is less, on the contrary, the power of the macro influencers, which have a growing influence, as the number of followers increases over that mass, can not be denied. If you want to increase brand awareness and appeal to a broad audience, working with a macro influencer will be an excellent opportunity for your brand.


Ever since the emergence of the influencer marketing concept, he has brought in questions about reporting. Markers wishing to include influencer marketing in marketing strategies naturally wanted to analyze the results and see the advances and advantages of this innovative strategy in many ways. Reporting from the beginning as a problem was considered to be possible and possible as it was in fact predicted over time.

Especially with the spread of ad blocks, digital media advertisements are no longer able to reach the desired target audience. Now the problem is to leave the place to the influencer marketing, which provides direct access to the target audience with organic content. But when it comes to influencer marketing, rather than focusing on the number of links or clicks as it is in advertisements in digital environments, actually looking at the different spots is very important in terms of measuring performance. We can list the data that can be used as a performance indicator of Influencer marketing as follows:

  • Social media interaction (access to content, data and statistics provided by the application being used)
  • Action data
  • Promotion code etc. influencer marketing campaigns and related sales

Influencer marketing is now consolidating its place in the marketing strategies of brands, which will find you in a digital relationship that changes every minute every day and increases its effectiveness so that it can not be ignored. In fact, new influencer marketing continues to keep up with the pace of the digital world by being adopted by big brands everywhere in the world. Do not you want to include influencer marketing in your marketing strategies?

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