Pets: The World of Pet Influencers

As influencer marketing becomes popular for marketers, the need to find the right influencer for each product becomes even clearer. Since pets are also included in the most popular and acclaimed content on social media, social media accounts for pets have already begun to attract brands.

Pets: A Social Media Success

First of all, pets have taken the internet for years. Social media has also taken on our obsession with our pets. According to a survey conducted by Telegraph in 2014, one out of every five cats and dogs has their own social media account. Considering that today's number is getting even higher; sharing pictures of our pets on social media does not satisfy us anymore and they have to have their own social media accounts. This kind of sharing is getting more interesting returns than social media you can get yourself. It is precisely this point that encourages brands to venture out on popular pets in social media.

Greetings to Emotions

Many people can capture the picture of a cute animal because these pictures have positive feelings and happiness on the people. This is the point that many successful advertisements feed. Do you remember the most debated Super Bowl commercials of the year? Many of them contained animals that were in a funny and adorable situation. Emotions in advertisements are used in many different situations, which helps create more successful advertising campaigns. Because, when customers face these types of ads, they can develop more established emotions to get the brands' products.

Unique Content

Pet Influencers (that is, pets famed in social media) and their owners show themselves with unique content and funny descriptions, making their brands cooperate to promote their products. Such ads are even more effective when they are attractive and even unexpected. This tells us how brands and pet influencers started to collaborate.

Increasing target audience

2015-2016 According to the APPA National Pet Owners Survey, 65% of US homes have at least one pet. Spending on the pet industry in 2015 is $ 60.6 billion, while in 2016 it is $ 62.75 billion. These figures show that the target group, which appreciates product advertisements made with animals, has risen. When the buying action is taking place, these memorable ads bring consumers closer to the brand. As a result, consumers are more likely to remember products with such advertisements when they decide to buy. According to Marketo, the target audience is not divided by age. Since the pet owner mass is composed of both X and Y, it is also beneficial to create an attractive audience.

Strong Interaction

Pet Influencers have become an impressive follower, making them even more attractive for brands looking for mutual benefits.

Give more importance to the product

Is there a better way to attract attention to a pet-friendly kitten than to sponsored messages from pet influencers?

Creating Shareable (And Cute) Content

It's not just unique content that brings about collaboration, but it's entertaining stuff when texts are combined with visual content. Again, there is an impressive share of the pet influencers, depending on the irresistible use of emotions in advertisements. For example, a Boo named dog reached 6228 sharing by creating sponsored content with Google Express. Of course, thanks to his effortless, cute image. This example proves why brands are looking for such collaborations, especially if the cooperated dog has 17 million followers on Facebook.

pet influencers

Union of Marks

Originality is a key factor for the success of pet influencers on social media. Many of them know the importance of preserving their originality in their sharing. For this reason, more attention should be given to this issue in order to establish a healthy relationship with its followers. Originality is a feature that is appreciated by brands. For this reason, pet influencers have their unique way of promoting a product in social media.

Source: Digiday, Clickz

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