Micro Influencers in Digital Marketing More Effective than Popular Social Media Accounts

While the term "influencer" has not been long overdue in the digital marketing glossary, recent research has shown that micro-influencers in marketing campaigns are more effective than popular social media accounts. According to the HelloSociety agency, which was bought by the New York Times last year, micro influencers or social media accounts with 30,000 followers or less are making a better profile for brand marketing strategies. What are the underlying causes and consumer behaviors?

Who is Micro Influencer?

Time Out is one of the two categories of influencers that we share in the days we passed, and they are more experienced in their professions and interests, with up to 50,000 followers. Another feature that distinguishes them from macro influencers, that is, influencers with hundreds of thousands or millions of followers, should be a more frequent and more intimate dialogue with their followers. Micro influencers have about 22 times more interactions per week with social media followers. This allows the advertising campaigns to be perceived more naturally by consumers and more effective.

Instagram and Micro Influencers

In 2016, Instagram began to use an algorithm that regulates users' flows according to their interests and level of fitness, rather than chronologically. It is anticipated that the visibility of the micro influencers in Instagram will increase with this arrangement, establishing a community with their followers and being perceived as trustworthy or even familiar by them. According to the data, Instagram users are missing 70% of the contents of their streams, and in the remaining 30%, micro influnces are expected to be more prominent.

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User Interactions

According to the HelloSociety agency, campaign interactions are up 60% when working with micro influencers, and these interactions are about 7 times more productive than social media accounts with hundreds of thousands of followers. In addition, while social media interactions of influencers who have passed the threshold of a certain number of followers are falling, the effects of these interactions on users are also diminishing in parallel. Because while consumers in the digital age have a skeptical approach to social media marketing efforts, trust in micro influencers is a major factor in reducing this skepticism.

Although working with macro influencers is known to reach more people, these social media accounts, which have reached millions of followers, have fallen to the targeted audience. At this point, micro influencers enable marketers to reach their target volume and costs with a certain interest by their followers.

Micro influencers are proving their influence among followers day by day with the unique content they create. The sharing of these social media influencers, where people feel very close to them, is perceived as much more sincere and trustworthy than their own share of trust-related brands between influencers and followers. Worldly famous brands now prefer to work with micro influencers in their campaigns and the power of micro influencers continues to rise in the social media day by day.

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