Instagram Accounts That Give People Happiness With Decorating Ideas

Much of today's life in the city lives in the gray buildings and often on the computer screen while performing tedious operations. When we have every opportunity to get rid of the cycle of ordinary, we like to look at other lifestyles using social media networks like Instagram. As you navigate through the Instagram accounts, especially with the decorating ideas, when you are confronted with creative ideas that are easy to apply,I do that too!". Although this mood is momentary, stylish houses are happy when they inspire us. We often feel good by reaching the decoration ideas we have not realized in our own living spaces, the products of the influencers sharing Instagram. Markers have recently become aware of this and have started to use the method of influencer marketing more actively in Instagram. Through Instagram influencers, they make improvements in the lives of followers, making their decorative products accessible with concept ideas, and they are truly a value. We have brought Instagram decoration influencer accounts which will inspire both brand owners and users, with the tiny touches in the daily life taking place in the style suggestions and at the same time making the people happy.

Instagram Accounts That Give People Happiness With Decorating Ideas

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Ayşegül Erzincanoğlu's story on the beach started with the settlement of Datca with his wife, dog and two keds. Instagrammer, who does not like empty walls, says that canvas prints, colorful paintings are details that make a house a home. Spacious design that illuminates the inside sahildekiev, different lighting and warm details provide a fascinating view.



Originally a full-time engineer, Ayda has been using his nickname "chickpeas" virtual cafes established. By moving his passion for interior design, crafts and homemade food to the Instagram account,Do it yourself"Thematic designs. More recently, she has been making more sewing and weaving; motifs and patterns are transferred to the fabric by inspiring followers to give ideas about home decoration.


sweetelisho to

Living in Ankara, Tuba inspires his followers in Instagram with self - made projects, decoration suggestions on how to paint the furniture and pre - and post - decorative ideas. She also produces projects for Evim Magazine and offers applicable solutions in home decoration.


I iskandinav.ev

Originally from Poland, Karolina Atalar married a Turk 10 years ago and moved to Ankara. He himself "Proud Turkish Citizen"Karolina has 2 beautiful daughters in the world. He argues that the goods, colors and objects in our living spaces are a great influence on our mood. This is why she has used simple, modern and at the same time a warm and friendly decoration style to develop an alternative to the flamboyant Turkish style home decoration, to feel like she is in Scandinavia and to create a comfortable and peaceful environment. While writing in various decoration magazines, on the other hand in the field of decoration brand ambassador , it became one of the interesting voices in the Instagram of influencer marketing.



You will love the presentation ideas of Melike Güven, who has a warm decoration style. While looking at the photos, you can feel peaceful as if you were sipping your hot chocolate at a mountain house in the Alps, at the fireplace.


Why is influencer marketing in Instagram important for brands?

The number of Instagram active users is expected to reach 1 billion by 2018. As of January, 4.2 billion users are on a daily basis. While 32% of all internet users use Instagram, 38% of them are women. Women make up 68% of all users in Instagram. Since the day it was established, a total of 40 billion photographs of the platform users are uploaded, 200 million of which are visited daily by brands and businesses, and 50% regularly follow at least one business account. Compared to all other social media platforms, the videos shared in Instagram have twice as many interaction rates. Global brands recognize that Instagram is the most effective social media marketing tool across all social media networks, driving advertising and marketing campaigns through influencers. Abroad brands pay an average of $ 100,000 for an influencer-sponsored content.

The influencer marketing market in Instagram in 2017 %198 .

Nowadays we have left behind 2017, recent reports show that fashion and decoration are among the sectors that make the most use of influencer marketing. In particular, 73% of brands that are products for luxury consumption actively use an influencer marketing platform. The total budget, which advertisers will spend on Instagram influencer marketing in 2019, is expected to reach $ 2.38 billion, up to $ 1.5 billion today. According to Google Trends, in January of last year "Instagram Influencer"Has increased three times. All these statistics show that one of the strongest strategies that will be effective in social media marketing in the coming years is the influencer marketing. You can also "What can we do?"If you are wondering, CreatorDen you can contact the influencer marketing platform. If you would like to know more about what Influencer marketing is Click here. To find out why traditional methods do not work anymore here you can learn the details by clicking. If you want to review influencer marketing examples through successful campaigns from here on You can read.

Instagram accounts with happiness

We wish you pleasant weeks where you make your living spaces inspired by Instagram influencer accounts and make your brand happy people's campaigns.

(The statistics were taken from Mediakix.)


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Dilek Erdensoy, after his language education in America, after his license on philosophy; design, digital media and marketing. The writer who continues to write on various sites; science, technology and philosophy, closely following the media and advertising industry.
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