The Best Ways to Use the CreatorDen Platform

CreatorDen platform, you can organize advertising campaigns with new campaigns, social media phenomena, age, gender, interests according to the most effective way to reach the target can reach.

CreatorDen platform and you created your membership without paying any fee. What's next?

After entering the platform; 'Create new campaign' you can create your campaign brief within minutes, and CreatorDen you can share your campaign with influencers within it.

1. Identify your campaign image!

You can add your photograph that inspires your influencers, bringing your brand to the forefront. In your campaign headline 'brand name' and 'your location knowledge' use. You can write your brand's web site information and brief information about your brand.

2. Create a Brief!

'Campaign Purpose'Express your intention in the short form that you want the content created in NDA to serve. 'We want to increase our membership count,' We expect to increase the number of downloads of our app ',' We aim to advertise our new season products' and 'We want to reach more customers'.

If you are considering submitting a product to create content for influencers you consider appropriate, you can add this information to this field.'If you do not have any products in your hand, you can create a sample content and add description and price information and send the product if you submit the offer.' The process will speed up by providing you with more proposals to add your knowledge.

Influencers may be discovering your brand, so 'Thought Launchers' Express a clear, clear and clear dille about how you expect photos and content from them.

For example, you can 'see yourself while using our app!' or 'You can photograph the combos you created with our new season products!' You can direct influences like cues.

Also per content budget interval You can select. But remember that the budget range you choose may affect the quality of content proposals that influencers will prepare.

'Visual References' You can add photos that will inspire influencers, which can be in line with the criteria you specify in 'Thinkers Launchers'
By selecting the social media platforms you want to share with, you mention (@) and hashtag (#) You can specify the URLs.

3. Set your inflator criteria!

For a successful influencer marketing study, you should define the most appropriate influencers. The social media influencers you want to collaborate with 'Age range', 'Gender' or 'Interests' You can filter by.

4. Campaign Summary; you can check it once you have completed your campaign.

CreatorDen platform, your influencers who want to work with your brand will start building their content and send their bids through the platform.

Incoming offers 'Panel' head or 'Notifications' You can follow it.

Influencers' primary goal when submitting offers from the platform is to let you know about yourself and examine your social media account.

When evaluating incoming content, you can first look at the number of followers of the social media account where the influencer is registered, the likes and comments of the posts it shares, and the compatibility with the influencer's target audience.

1. If you like the content 'Admit it' You can click on the button and perform your purchase. CreatorDen, pay only if you approve the dispatch that you shared influencer.

You can redirect to influencers by specifying the date of sharing for the content you approve. However, influencers will inform you about this because they are in control of their best interaction day and time.

What's next?

After publishing the content in Influencer social media account; you need to check the final status of your content and approve it within 6 hours. If you do not confirm within 6 hours, it will be automatically approved by the system at the end of the 1st day.

After 7 days from your share approval, you can check all the content related to this content from the performance reporting page. After the influencers shared their content They can not wipe for 30 days.

2. You can always provide feedback about content, for edits 'Revised Required' you can start a conversation with influencers for price or content revisions. You may want to see different photos, or you can request an edit on the commentary.

3. If you do not find the content appropriate 'Reject' By clicking on the button, you can reject the content.

If you evaluate your bids for your campaign within 2 weeks, the content is automatically rejected by the system. For this reason, we recommend that you respond to influencers as soon as possible.

If you have any problems, always with us you can contact us at email address! If you have unanswered questions Frequently Asked Questions Do not forget to visit the page.

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