What is Connected Customer? How to Connected Customers with Influencers?

The digital world and the shopping experience it brings have created a new kind of customer. The name of this customer profile is: connected customer. Beyond this classic customer experience. Now it's harder than ever to market something and keep the customer in your hand.

In the past, the term "customer loyalty" has been lost in the digital world, in a world where customers are overwhelmed by alternatives. Now a customer is reviewing a lot of brands, buying prices from many different places, and making the most out of the place that gives them the most advantage.

How is the situation so awkwardly connected to the 'connected' customer?

First, you need the datalar in your hand to create it. You will know how to process these data, what data you will use, how you will use it, how you will address the customer, and even how you will experience it. On the other hand, the digital customer is a little more spoiled, according to the customer who comes out of the real marketing. Since the store is not in the store, he wants more, because he finds everything under his hands and has a lot of choice. Another important issue is that customer satisfaction is more important than ever. If you want to sell a second and third product to a customer, you should provide an almost perfect experience. Otherwise, you will make the second purchase from your closest competitor.

Let's look at what the result of the research that is done a bit is what the "connected" customer wants;

  • Value for me Kat

Connected wants the customer to approach it with less time, a more accurate dill, and a more accurate touch. Because connected is worth the time of the customer.

  • Resolve My Problems

The connected customer is very careful about upgrading the quality of the customer service, clearly identifying the problems and resolving them absolutely. This will definitely affect his next shopping decision.

  • I am special

Connected customers feel special. He knows all the suggestions will not fit him, and he wants to make clear decisions while shopping. It requires special attention, discounts and suggestions.

  • Become Consistent

There should not be a gap between shopping on the internet, shopping made within the store, and customer experience.

Influencer Influence in Connected Customer Creation

Influencers are the "opinion leaders" of the digital world. At the point where brands can not reach or are difficult to communicate, influencers can create ready-made masses, potential customers for brands. The benefits of working with an influencer are as follows:

  • It can have an impact on followers by conveying their own customer experience. If you have had a good experience with him, he will certainly share it with his own mass.
  • In possible crises, your own defense mechanism in social media can be effective in yours.
  • Since they are influenced by their followers, they can direct them to you, which in turn can lead to an increase in sales figures.
  • By preparing common projects, more natural PR studies of new products can be done.
  • We can lift the differences and transitions between generations, and success can be achieved in establishing equal communication among generations.
  • Creative visuals and viral work can be done without advertising smell.
  • Unlike television phenomena, the sincerity provided by influencers will attract more attention from people in terms of your brand.
  • As for your future in social media, brand positioning and social media are ahead of you in terms of competition and reputation.
  • Most connected customers follow at least one influncer.

The classic marketing funnel is no longer valid. Especially in digital marketing, everything is in a state of intertwining. Influencers will be more than helpful in opening this lock.

On the other hand, as digital marketing evolves, most digital customers will turn into connected customers. Influencers will be your first choice to attract potential customers to you.

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