Top 10 Marketing Strategies for Markets - Part 2

Instead of traditional marketing methods, which are not boring and clichéed by the masses, which do not bring lasting success in the long run, If you have not read the first part of effective marketing strategies we have compiled with examples here you can reach the article by clicking. In this article we will discuss the most effective marketing strategies you can apply for your brand, as well as how you can collect all these methods as a bonus in a single framework and combine it with an influencer marketing tactic to achieve what you can do for a lasting success.

10 Most Effective Marketing Strategies for Markets

Internet Marketing

Internet marketing (Internet Marketing); is a type of marketing that promotes the sales of brands' products and services on the internet. Web marketing, virtual marketing, online marketing, e - marketing Also known as. Brands in internet marketing; They use internet tools such as website, e - mail, social media channels, search engine (SEO and SEM studies), Web 2.0 sites and programs. Internet marketing, as well as being affordable in terms of budget and offering the opportunity to quickly reach large masses the most preferred marketing strategy method. Understanding of basic internet marketing includes the following areas; Web design and development, E - commerce sites, Affiliate marketing (Affiliate Web sites), Online advertising, Social media advertising and marketing, Online press bulletins and news, Blogs, SEO and SEM studies, E - mail marketing, writing etc. In Turkey, 77% of Internet users connecting from home, in a home environment are not able to use the internet and mobile internet on the outside. 25% of the televisions in the houses are also connected to the internet. However, in social media and smartphone usage, we are in the top 10 of the world every year almost every year. E in Turkey in 2018 - the volume of trade is expected to exceed 40 billion pounds. This is an important criterion in determining the future strategies of brands. Although marketers use social media platforms, they must reorganize their internet marketing strategies by increasing their e-commerce and online advertising budgets. By avoiding traditional advertising, they must increase their online advertising budgets and use innovative marketing strategies when they work with agencies they work with. See also: 99% of the ads do not sell your products

! 97% of consumers make business and brand searches online.

10 Most Effective Marketing Strategies for Markets


WOM Marketing

Word of Mouth Marketing; is a marketing strategy that enables the consumer to convey the experience, knowledge and perception of the brand's products and services to its environment, ie to other potential customers. Instead of ads purchased in WOM marketplace, organic growth by creating gossip effect It is provided. George Silverman, a famous marketing strategist, says about word of mouth marketing: "WOMM is very effective for every sector. WOMM is even more effective in situations where too much preliminary information is required, or where there may be poor results. The risk of trying a cheap product like a freshly made confection is low. Product inspection and sample distribution is a good way to increase sales of products that can be tried for a small amount of money. For many other products that are difficult to assess, people refer to recommendations.WOM marketing, in the direction of the prospect of potential customers reprogram purchasing behaviors. Statistics show that these referrals affect consumers' purchasing decisions by up to 90%. As a result, WOM marketing is the most important method for brands' marketing strategies. The point to note here is; While the share of negative experiences of consumers is 90%, it is only 3% of the share of positive experiences. To protect brand reputation on this slippery floor and to ensure that products and services reach the potential customer base influencer marketing strategy It should be used. Internet authority the followers'expert"Seen as influencia iswill share positive experiences and opinions on branded products and services, and the resulting sales will increase by 90%. Thanks to Influencers, brands; Instead of traditional budget campaigns with large budget and no credibility, reliable, accessible and affordable product promotions to reach wider masses and consumers strengthen brand loyalty.

! Oral marketing provides more than $ 6 trillion in annual consumer spending.

10 Most Effective Marketing Strategies for Markets


Social Networks and Viral Marketing

Social media marketing (Social Networks); is a marketing strategy that focuses on enhancing awareness and increasing Website traffic by liking and sharing content produced by marketers through social networks of internet users. For this, brands should firstly reflect the brand identity best persona should establish. In the created Persona framework, different content strategies for each social network are created and shared. Because each social network has different rules within its ecosystem. (Visual dimensions, times and strategic timing that share will draw most attention, social networking language etc.) Content in social media marketing clear, comprehensible, striking and original must be; the used images must be in high resolution; sharing texts are almost striking and plain as a slogan must be; in the messages to be given in the contents sensory branding techniques and users involved in the process. interactive an environment should be created. To learn more about content marketing on social networks Click here. The golden step in social media marketing, shareable viral content To create more.

Viral marketing (Viral Marketing)is a strategy that creates WOM influence in social networks. More viral marketing studies in the video ecosystem, original and creative an idea to give your ideas message content and correct triggers in the direction of social network users and almost a virus . Viral marketing strategy generally does not require high budget. It does not matter that the users are advertising because the brand is hidden inside the story. Thus, the events or slogans in the advertisement reach to millions of people quickly like a virus, they direct the people to products and Websites because they wake up the curiosity, increasing the awareness, and since the messages to be given are directed directly to the subconscious,it is reliable"Image is easier to create. Viral ads enjoyable or appeal to emotions thus, in the mind of the target animal retention effect Shows.



With Big data and social media marketing Marketing 4.0 Nowadays we have entered the era, marketing is now at the heart of emotions. As the technology evolved and the ever-changing dynamic processes of the digital world continued, purchasing behaviors of consumers changed. Today, the variety of brands, products and services is unlimited; consumers are those who offer social benefits, nourish their emotional the mark of the story they are turning. Because of this, today's marketing experts are people who act like people, brands with spirit and reflect these brands in the best way Personas are they have to create. Consumers do not trust brands and do not believe. By Financial Times the 4th important guru of all time selected father of marketing , Philip Kotler says consumers are taking into account the opinions of people in their circles and comments from Internet users in purchasing decisions. On top of that, there are only 8 seconds to deliver the message that the markers want to give to the target group. If we take into account that the attention period is only 8 seconds, how will the brands achieve this? Storytelling that moves the senses using marketing strategy. Jerome Bruner, an American psychologist known for his theories of cognitive psychology, tells us that the human brain has shaped through stories and facts in the real world, and later perceives it as its own reality. Considering that the human brain processes visual content 60,000 times faster than texts; we can estimate how visually compiled content affects the consumer's purchasing behavior and brand perception. The human brain, which turns knowledge into emotions, interactive storytelling marketing they also react more to their campaigns. Infographs, 360 degree videos, virtual reality technology, IoT - Internet of objects, online live broadcasts and wearable technologies; are among the tools that are used today and can be utilized in the future storytelling marketing strategy.

10 Most Effective Marketing Strategies for Markets

Content created with Storytelling marketing strategy; it must be short, concise, realistic and enriched visually to best reflect the brand Persona. Movie-like stories the target is attracted to the curiosity of the kit, the experience before the brand is introduced to the front, and consumers are interested in the brand's products, services and services, creating shareable viral content. With storytelling, which is one of the most productive strategies of content marketing, brands can quickly reach wider masses. Nowadays, brands, storytelling strategy influencer marketing method. Because it is more important who tells your story and the stories that consumers tell their true experiences of the influencers they see close to them are genuine and create a credible perception. (See: Brand Storytelling with Influencers) To tell the story of your brand through the influencers that attract the attention of your target audience and provide the most accurate match with your brand's Persona, CreatorDen you can use the influencer marketing platform.


Earned Media / PR

Earned Media Marketing (Earned Media / Free Media); is a marketing strategy that focuses on consumers' willingness to speak and share content with other people about their products, services or services. Winning media marketing ads not created or bought by the brand it is a question. The consumer's appreciation, interpretation, sharing and contribution of the content that the brand produces in its own resources constitute the value of the acquired media. Markets to evolve the prospective customer base into the ultimate consumer mass, proactive campaign content It should be created. Quality and creative content must be prepared to create value for the media, social media channels must be used effectively and solution-focused even for negative comments. Acquired media; purchased (Paid Media) and produced / owned / acquired media (Owned Media) channels. When these three marketing strategies are used together, the return of the investments to the brand is also more efficient. Target kitlet awareness constituent, information while value The floor, confidence that authentic the content is purchased and the effectiveness of the acquired media values ​​is increased. Even a single negative comment from followers in winning media marketing can lead to major crises. Therefore, crisis planning should be done while content strategies are being developed. Content created in earned media marketing WOM (mouth-to-mouth marketing) effect, attracting a wider interest compared to other communication channels.


Bonus: How to Combine Other Marketing Strategies with Influencer Marketing

The Influencer marketing strategy can be easily integrated with many marketing methods. (What is Influencer Marketing? if you are wondering Click here.) How can you combine effective marketing strategies for your brand with influencer marketing?

  1. You can achieve your objective marketing campaigns through awareness of your influencers and hear them in millions of people more sincerely. (For example studies Click here.)
  2. By choosing your direct sales representatives from influencers, you can more easily gain the trust of your target group.
  3. Do not forget that Influencers are some social media brands. When you drive a new product of your brand to the market, you can do co - branding work with your influencers. For example; you can drive a new line of lipstick products with the name of an influencer that a cosmetics brand follows millions in makeup.
  4. At points of purchase (Point of Purchase), you can use influencer faces that match your product. By creating interactive promotional spots, you can attract more attention to your consumer by incorporating influencer's voice recordings, photos or videos and combining them with innovative techniques such as rear projection.
  5. You can increase your website traffic more quickly by using influencers' social media accounts in your media marketing, SEO and SEM studies. 10 Most Effective Marketing Strategies for Markets
  6. By cooperating with influencers in all your online marketing (Internet Marketing) campaigns, you can increase your brand awareness and sales rates. You can use the power of influencers in social media in Internet marketing. (For the trademark example of increasing investment returns by 11 times with influencer marketing Click here.)
  7. You can provide mouth-to-mouth marketing (WOMM) with the most naturally effective influencers in your strategy. Since the actions of the Influencers are followed with interest by every action follower, the products of your brand used by the influencers will awaken followers' curiosity and direct them to their purchasing points.
  8. When you create viral campaigns in social media marketing, you can make your influencers use their voice to produce fun, friendly and value-creating content. For examples of creative social media campaigns with influencers Click here.
  9. In your branding storytelling marketing campaigns, leave your stories to the influencers who have gained the trust of your target audience. Thus, your stories become more realistic and sincere, and quickly reach millions of people.
  10. Use your acquired media strategy, synthesized with the real experiences of influencers, while managing your people's public relations. Ensure that people talk about your brand and your products by ensuring that influencers attract attention to your target mass.


To create effective marketing strategies for your brand and to match the right influencers, the CreatorDen influencer marketing platform get in touch.

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Dilek Erdensoy, after his language education in America, after his license on philosophy; design, digital media and marketing. The writer who continues to write on various sites; science, technology and philosophy, closely following the media and advertising industry.
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