Misconceptions About Markets And Social Media Marketing

The brand, which does not understand the power of the social media and does not understand it, makes some things wrong, and when it finally does not reach what they want, However, social media marketing is, first of all, patience, tracking innovations, producing original content. No social media expert has the magic trick, nor does it have the ability to make a sociological distinction on social media. Social media experts solve problems, offer branding options while trying to announce the brand's name. It is necessary to pay attention to these solutions.

Markets look at social media with fear when they first meet social media or if they can not get what they want for a while. However, it should not be forgotten that nothing exists as an existence, and that existence is also a process. Social media and digital marketing strategies are based on increasing the sales in proportion to the size and budget of the brand, starting with positioning the brand.

Let me explain the social media test of brands through several negative examples and positive answers;

We're not sure who our ads look like

If you are confronted with a company that has never been involved with social media, this question is your first question. Social media is a world, your brand is the magnet in this world. It is hidden in more detailed social media texts of the marketer's real marketing, of the potential customer goals. If the brand wants to appeal to the target audience, then the target audience in the social media will work accordingly. Of course, those that are not available in this filter may fall out, but this gives an advantage in terms of brand awareness. At the same time, any person who is interested in your brand's advertising may return to you as a customer someday.

We Believe Social Media is Measurable

The brand representative who made this promise was presumably an individual in the social media. And in general, the television lives with an understanding of the rating. However, the results of social media and digital marketing strategies can be reported to the most detail. There is a lot of information under your hands, from which channel you reach the mark, from which age range and which gender, more people find your mark, and at what time you discover your brand.

Our Budget Is Not Enough With This Study

First of all, brand budgets are to ensure the continuity of the company and to improve the company. If the brand wants to grow, investing needs to prepare itself in the investment. The budget that the brand will set aside today will not forget that it will return to itself as a customer and network connection tomorrow. In order for the brand to maintain its reputation, vision, development and global life, it absolutely needs advertising and social media.

What about Paramy Boja Giderse?

This sales depends on the sales strategy, the brand vision, the confidence in its products, patience and more importantly the confidence it gives to the market. Your sales strategy may be wrong over time, but all of them are measurable and correctable.

For example ;

If you have bad photos of your products, problems with your branded products, or if you have persisted in a bad sales and social media strategy for too long, or at worst you have not done a good job with digital marketing and social media, your money may go to waste.

But if your products and your company's image are neat, and you're in touch with your digital marketing and social media specialist, you're looking carefully at reports and trying to fix the wrong goings, you will not waste your time. Already, digital marketing and social media professionals are not trying to waste your money, but are trying to ensure your profitability.

We did not do it

The brands who have spoken these words have either lived with social media and digital marketing for a short period of time or they have tried to themselves and have problems with people they have tried. If dozens of brands in the world try it and succeed, if your brand is not successful, the problem to be solved is hidden in the mark itself and in the steps it takes.

We are afraid of the Reactions to the Brand

A brand that is afraid of reactions coming from social media, is in fact having problems about being a brand. The criticism will of course be future or scratching campaigns, of course. But your task is to do the work that will strengthen your brand's image. For this you have to manage your social media reputation in the best way as there is in social media.

Influencer Does not Come to Us

When you hear this, you actually know that the person who says it does not know anything about social media. And again, unfortunately, you are against a manager who thinks with pre-social media television mentality. Whereas influencers will be able to market a brand through social media, the most natural way to do it.

The world of social media and digital marketing today can bring brands to the levels they imagine and more.


Have you ever seen a brand that grows without ads or social media work?

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