The Stresses of Branding in the Social Media Campaign Process

We share the title of 9 issues that will be a troublesome interpreter that brands usually have in their social media campaign preparation and execution process!

1- Where is Param?

The advertiser is always worried that his money will be wasted.

2- Is the campaign going to catch up?

Stress that is the result of the last moments of work.

3- In the event of a poor campaign.

Sometimes it looks good in the campaigning process, but when the campaign is over, the results are not at all pleasant.

4- Sometimes ...

5- The brand is victim to the customer's eyes.

6- Your prices are above the price of yours.

7- To think that the result of the campaign is good.

8- If the campaign does not reach the end, the additional fee is required.

9- Asked if the campaign was successful?


Trying to run the brand's own campaigns sometimes makes the job complex.
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