How Should You Choose the Right Influencer for Your Brand?

In the age of social media, influencers are an important part of marketing campaigns. But brands still hesitate to cooperate as part of their marketing strategy because they do not know how to effectively use influencers.

Unlike professional brand faces, most influencers are people who have different professions and pursue brand co-operations on a part-time basis. Therefore, the professionalism that brands expect is often not met and bilateral disputes can be experienced.

In situations where it is not planned properly and is not designed, influencer marketing can have negative consequences for both parties. But like other marketing methods, if influencer marketing is well managed, it effectively meets the brand's expectations. It's inevitable that your influencer marketing campaign will be successful with a few simple steps you can follow.

Step 1: Micro or Macro Influencer

As a brand, you will create an influencer in the direction of your campaign after you are sure that you have set the goal, the goal and the process of the campaign well. For your campaign's purpose, you can choose a macro or micro influencer.

If you choose a macro influencer, you can address large quantities in a short time. A micro-influencer can provide a higher interaction than a reliable source for followers. For example, an influencer who writes blogs on a high number of followers can go a long way in announcing a new place. It would be more appropriate, however, to work with a micro-influencer to make a restaurant that has undergone operational changes preferable to its customers.

Step 2: A flexible strategy instead of a limited strategy

When working with influencers, implement a flexible strategy instead of a strict, rigid strategy. But before moving on to the campaign, make sure that the influencer you collaborate with understands your brand, your expectations and your goals. Subsequently, the content that the influencers can shape using their creativity, according to the turns they take, will make it easier to reach your goals. Marks allow the influencers to free themselves as much as possible, allowing them to create content appropriate for their followers' expectations and their own style. The content to reach followers on this page is sincere and natural.

Influencer can create very precise guidelines that will make the content artificially and may not create the effect you expect. At the same time, a content that will be prepared in the direction of the directions you will give may not match the influencer's past share and personality.

As a result, let your freelance content creator be free after you have explicitly told the influencer that you will work with your brand's expectations and goals. Your campaign will be effective and successful.

Step 3: Work with influencers who know your brand.

Work primarily with influencers who know your brand, who you know and who you are. Do not work with influencers who know your brand, you are a consumer but you think your talents and mass are not suitable for the target audience. With this approach, you will protect your brand and you can build an effective campaign.

It is true that you can choose from many influencers. But not everyone is the ideal choice for your campaign. For example, a professional brand face will only promote your brand during the time you are negotiating. However, even during the course of your employment, your brand may not be able to promote your brand as you would like with your private experience and at the same time doing other things that do not fit your target audience. So when you choose influencer to work together, look at past exchanges, how they are in the public eye in general and whether they are a consumer of your mark. Choosing a macro influencer just because it appeals to a very large audience can hurt your campaign.

Step 4: Organize brand training and information.

Before you start your campaign, make sure that the influencer understands your brand. Brand training provides an environment where both sides can share their expectations.

Preparing a guide to what is acceptable for your brand and what is unacceptable will also make it easier for influencer. Your involvement with influencers is necessary in order to see if you personally identify and match social media characters with the characters you recognize.

All branding meetings and personal conversations you will organize will ensure that you have a genuine relationship with your influencer and that your campaign is successful.

Step 5: Follow your influencers.

Get digital tracking methods to keep track of your Influencer's performance and results. Why invest in areas where you can not follow the recycling of your efforts? Powerful follow-up solutions will enable you to track your influencers' activities and evaluate performance. Thus, brands can determine the right combination of influencers to best suit the marketing strategy they are targeting. Not every influencer can create the same value, and the tracking and measurement methods you develop will reveal it.

Step 6 - Inspect to be able to evaluate again.

Make sure you follow your influencers on a regular basis. Do not be too hungry to evaluate the overall success of your campaign, even if we will not be able to observe the results and impact of the influencer marketing campaigns for a short time.

Your influencers need time to prepare content for your campaign and interact with their followers. At the same time, the most significant increase in influencer marketing campaigns is that brands' campaigns can be tracked in real time and that campaigns can be developed in the process with flexible strategies. If you are getting positive feedback with a good follow-up mechanism in the campaign process and you actually see the effects, you can decide to extend the campaign and continue or you can end the campaign if you start to get negative feedbacks. Make sure you follow the course of the campaign.

Source: Marketing- Interactive

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