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General Questions

What is CreatorDen?

From creatore; is an influencer marketing platform that has gone out of its way to democratize sponsored content. CreatorDen Platform; brands and agencies and social media platforms to bring quality content to their followers, bringing true impact to the influencers. Using our platform you can manage all the processes of your campaign and pay for influencers.

What is Influencer?

They are people who appeal to a true audience by producing quality content on the social media and influence their purchasing decisions. From creatore; it incorporates only those who have at least 3000 real followers on social media platforms and produce highly interactive content as influencers.

Is CreatorDen Paid To Use Platform?

Taking your campaigns is completely free. You can easily roll your campaign using the Create New Campaign wizard. You will only be charged when you accept the influencer offer. You can view the budget requested by Influencer to perform the bid in the content of the proposal. It is also possible to revise this budget using the messaging area. 18% VAT and 10% withholding are added to the influencer budget when charged.

How to Become a CreatorDen Platform Member

You can easily subscribe from on behalf of your brand and you can complete your membership by confirming your email address.

What are Platform Terms of Use?

Terms of Use You can review the details on the page.


What is the campaign?

To get an offer from Influencers, you must first create a campaign to share specific details with your brand and the progeny. This; You can do this using the Create a New Campaign wizard. Campaign; content redirects, campaign goals, budget information, and influencer targeting. In order to obtain high efficiency from your Influencer marketing workshop, you should provide as much detail as possible about the content you want and inform the influencer about your project objectives.

What kind of campaigns can I make with the CreatorDen platform?

Discount code, campaign announcement, transfer of experience, brand embassy, ​​new product launch, WOM, CTA campaigns, etc. you can create campaigns.

Who will see my campaign?

Your campaign, which you have created in the CreatorDen Platform, can only be viewed by influencers who are members of the CreatorDen platform and whose markup is appropriate to your selection in the area of ​​influencer targeting.

How do I create a campaign?

Log in at From the left menu, click the + icon to reach the new campaign creation page.

Step 1: Upload an interesting visual upload of your campaign.
Step 2: Fill in the Title, Brand and Description fields.
Step 3: Select the date you want to receive the latest offer for your campaign as the End Date.
Step 4: Describe your expectation from the influencer in the content area in a descriptive and detailed way.
Step 5: Mark whether or not to send the product.
Step 6: Choose which budget range you want to work with with which number of followers you have.
Step 7: Upload images from Influencer that describe your anticipation.
Step 8: Specify which Hashtags you want to work with on which social media platforms.

Who sets the content?

Influencers are the content producers of this work. According to the information you place on the campaign, the influencers form the share to be made and offer your approval. If; if you want a previously planned content to be shared by the influencer, you need to agree with the influencer.

Can I choose the Influencers?

CreatorDen is designed for working with influencers who are only interested in marking and progeny. For this reason, an influencer can not communicate with you without bidding. However, when creating a campaign, you can make sure your campaigns are aware of the influencers you are interested in using the Invite Influencer field.

Can I send products?

If you do not select the product submission option while creating the campaign, you will be informed that you will send the product to the influencer. You can use the messaging area to retrieve address information.

When should the product be shipped before the date of shipment?

Products must be shipped at least 10 days in advance of the date of shipment in order to reach the influencer at the time of the products you wish to share and to prepare the relevant content using the influencer's product.

What budget / rate range should I choose for Influencer Marketing?

Influencers' budgets are generally not linked to tracker numbers, nor are they fully proportional. Depending on what brand you promote, the products you send, the nature of the content you want, and the social media platforms, the budget that influencer will demand varies. As a general guideline, budgets of 1000 TL and under are generally of interest to micro-influencers with high-impact, but generally 25K followers.

Why is my campaign not approved?

Your campaign will be approved for up to 48 hours under normal conditions. We are reviewing your brand and your campaign details while you are running your campaigns. Campaigns that are not clear, have typographical errors, and do not comply with the visual rules may be rejected. For more information Platform RulesYou can contact us at

Why does my campaign seem to be 'Stuffed'?

Campaigns with a campaign end date will be automatically stopped. You can not extend the history of your ending campaign. If you want to continue to get your campaign, you have to open a new campaign.

Offer and Content

What is the offer?

In the context of the proposal, the influencer tells you what kind of work will be done in the social media, examines the progeny, gives information about its own mass, shares sample contents and specifies its budget.

What should I pay attention to when accepting a proposal?

There are three things you need to be aware of when examining the proposal. Who the proposal came from, the budget and the content of the proposal. By clicking on the Influencer profile, you can view the relevant influencer's account, browse the demographic data of the mass, and the interaction history. The bid content describes how the influencer will be involved in the proce- dure, and in what way it will produce the content. The budget part is the fee that the influencer will be entitled to receive after sharing. Using the messaging domain, you can ask the influencer to revise the budget or content, if you have any problems, you can send them individually and request more information.

When is the fee charged?

To accept a bid is to agree to cooperate with that influencer. Do not worry! At this stage, the payment will be made by CreatorDen, but only when the influencer commits the sharing, it is forwarded to the influencer.

How do I add my billing information?

You must add your company information from the Settings> Payment Information tab before accepting any offers.

Can I request more than one content in a proposal?

The CreatorDen bid system is configured as the only content per bid. If you want to collaborate on more than one content, you can ask the influencer to submit a new proposal for each content.

How many days do I have to evaluate the bids?

We appreciate that the proposals coming through our platform will be evaluated within a maximum of 3 days and reported to the influencer. For this, we expect our brands to be positive or negative and definitely return to the influencer.

I accepted the Influencer offer, what should I do now?

It is now that your influencer has begun to build your content. The Influencer will send you a Sharing Confirmation along with a commentary that will share the content you are preparing. You will also provide share approval so that influencer can share this content on its own account. In this step you can use the messaging area to give a revision for the content or to ask questions about the date of sharing.

How do I know if Influencer shares content?

In the case of Bid Sharing Approval, it means that the influencer has performed sharing.

What should I do if the influencer does not fulfill the content promised after I accept the offer?

After being paid, the wage is made up to the extent that the influencer does not share. You can email for all your questions and problem reports. For detailed information Platform RulesYou can examine.

Am I being billed for my expenses?

For all expenditures you will make in CreatorDen, your billing address will be sent to your Invoice Address entered in Payment Information within 30 days after your campaign closes. If you have not received your invoice or want to send another adress, you can contact us at

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