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Why Influencer Marketing? 

The relationship between the followers of influencers in influencer marketing, which is the closest ad format to friend suggestions, is based on trust as a basic marketing tool. In addition to influencer marketing, which is reflected in the digital world, "Where do you get this shirt?" Brands are getting their digital visibility and high return on investment is ensured in the direction of brands' communication purposes.

Trendyol CreatorDen InfluencerMarketing Collaboration

6.9% Engagement with Trendyol

The awareness of the Trendyol Women collection and the project to increase sales have enabled the delivery of the product experiences of 4 Care & Beauty, Healthy Life and Fashion influencers active on the Instagram floor.



  • 4 Influencers
  • 221.071 Reach
  • 15.239 Engagement
  • 6.9% Engagement Ratio

2.5M Access with Head & Shoulders!

Head and Shoulders 7 influencers was allowed to make a special tournament participation and confidence in the shares covered 10 provinces of visiting youth sports steering confidence Truck Project in Turkey.



  • 7 Influencers
  • 2.500.000 Reach
  • 134,000 Engagement
  • Engagement Rate of 5,3%
Dream Büyüktetik Influencer Marketing Cooperation
Uno CreatorDen Influencer Marketing Co

Uno with 6 Influencers, 6.5% Interaction

In order to increase the awareness of Uno Whole Grain bread series and to inform consumers about whole grains; Instagram has enabled 6 active Healthy influencers to convey their product experiences and informative content on whole grain.



  • 6 Influencers
  • 198.094 Reach
  • 12.390 Engagement
  • 6.25% Engagement Ratio

Kinder 372,421 Reached

Kinder Chocolate Seeks New Smile In the Influencer Marketing project conducted under the competition, it was aimed to increase participation by directing competition with influencers sharing and working with 9 influencers.



  • 9 Influencers
  • 372.421 Reach
  • 72,000 Engagement
  • 7% Engagement Ratio
KinderCreatorden Influencer Marketing Cooperation
Meriç Keskin Influencer Marketing Cooperation

Increased Neutrogena Engagement by 72%

With the renewed formula, increasing awareness of the Neutrogena Eye Make-Up Cleaner entering the market has enabled the targeted project to deliver the product experiences of the active 13 Care & Beauty influencer in Instagram and Youtube channels.



  • 13 Influencers
  • 1.043.000 Reach
  • 72,000 Engagement
  • 7% Engagement Ratio

Pantene 3MM Increases Product Reach by 125%!

Pantene 3 Minute Miracle In the campaign for the hair cream launch, a 20-day influencer marketing study was conducted with 13 influencers in an attempt to increase the talk about the product.



  • 13 Influencers
  • 1.544.000 Reach
  • 106,000 Engagement
  • 7% Engagement Ratio
Bohemother CreatorDen Influencer Marketing Cooperation

Vaillant 5.4% Reached with #eviminkonforu Communication!

Vaillant increased brand visibility while delivering a different brand message to the target group each month through the #eviminkonforu influencer marketing project, which lasted for 3 months.



  • 5 Influencers
  • 2.470.000 Reach
  • 134,000 Engagement
  • 5% Engagement Ratio

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