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direct from social media to eticare

How to Make Money by Directing Online Shopping Through Social Media Accounts

Now, forget about everything that comes to your mind when you say traditional sales. Since its inception, the sales term, which contains different processes of social interaction, is a different place with the use of social media accounts ...
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25 proposals to be influencer

25 Suggestions to Become an Active and Effective Influencer

Influencer marketing is a powerful marketing strategy for brands that do not want to pressure consumers and create ad perception. Markets prefer influencer content to convey their messages in a natural and attractive way to consumers ....
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human-focused marketing influencer marketing

Key to Human Focused Marketing: Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing concept represents the shift from an advertising-focused marketing to a human-focused marketing. Different opinions about what Influencer marketing is, one of the most talked-about concepts in the marketing world ...
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highly interacting content in instagram

Highly Interactive Ad Content in Instagram

Influencer marketing is an easy, inexpensive and effective way to grow your business and produce advertising content through social media channels. You can quickly increase your brand awareness and followership, but more importantly, influencer marketing ...
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rapid growth guide with influencer marketing

Rapid Growth Guide with Influencer Marketing

Small and medium-sized businesses often have marketing difficulties. Lack of the right tools and experience often found in small businesses, much lower return on investment for marketing campaigns that have spent large budgets ...
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be influencer of a traveler

A Travel Blogger: Being an Influencer in 5 Steps

Hi, I'm Naz, 21. I study English Business at Marmara University. I do an internship at CreatorDen and at the same time I am an influencer! I have a blog that I write about my travels. Apart from being a travel blogger from 2010 ...
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10 Roads to Increase Retail Sales with Influencer Marketing

As the world continues to build ever more digital links every day, influencer marketing rises rapidly among effective marketing strategies for brands. Influencers are the products of traditional oral-minded marketing techniques ...
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influencia is-talks

Influencer Talks Bringing Social Media Phenomenons to You!

Influencer Talks is an action designed to teach, inspire and meet people who produce quality content in the social media. Our philosophy, to learn from each other, to question the best practice examples, this field is getting better ...
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influencer marketing in fashion industry

How Fashion Bloggers and Influencers Affect the Industry's Future?

If you are a strict follower of the fashion world or just browsing fashion magazines while you are just browsing the market, you have probably noticed that there have been many changes in recent times. The cover girls of fashion magazines are now world ...
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instagram tips

5 Instagram Hilesi

Do you want to use Instagram in the best way? It's not that hard. Instagram for professional content creators is the center of livelihoods. A few mysteries that will serve the ordinary Instagram users! Here...
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influencer marketing investments

8 Reasons to Invest in Influencer Marketing

Today, the presence of a lot of content on the social media and on the internet in general can make it difficult for the message you want to reach to reach the target audience. In order to attract attention from your current and potential customers ...
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pet influencers

Pets: The World of Pet Influencers

As influencer marketing becomes popular for marketers, the need to find the right influencer for each product becomes even clearer. Pets are also the most popular and respected ...
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