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Önemli olan işlevi: Mikro influencerlara güvenebilirsiniz!

“Mikro influencer etkisi ile markanızı yükseltin.” Influencer marketing projemiz hazır, bütçemiz hazır, hedef kitlemiz, kullanacağımız mecralar belli, peki, -klasik pazarlama deyimiyle- kampanyayı kiminle köpürteceğiz? Markalar influencer marketing projesi yapmaya karar...
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“Like” ötesi influencer marketing dönemi başlıyor! Influencer marketing ajansları bunu beğendi.

“Instagram likeları (beğenileri) kaldırıyormuş!” söylentisiyle halkı ve markaları paniğe sevk eden söylenti, geçtiğimiz günlerde şirketin yaptığı resmi açıklamayla doğrulandı. -Yediğim-içtiğim senin olsun, tatilime sen de katıl, üzgünüm, mutluyum, alakasız bir...
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Influencers Most Interested in Mother-Child Products

Instagram, hayatın her alanında olduğu gibi yeni nesil anneleri de etkisi altına aldı. Bu Instagram anneleri bir yandan iş hayatının içindeyken bir yandan da anneliğin zorlu süreçlerine göğüs geriyorlar. Instagram’ın...
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Most Popular Influencer with Food and Restaurants

Cooking with our rich culinary culture is one of the indispensable areas for us. Instagram, as in every area of interest, brings together people who want to try these tastes with the new food styles we have developed without stopping. Influencer experiences ...
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Influencer Marketing 2018 Report CreatorDen

As we left behind 2018, we left hundreds of cooperation, thousands of influencers, and beautiful project results behind us. As a preface, it is best to start by thanking all CreatorDen partners. Today is the same ...
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Can Influencer Marketing Improve the Traffic of a New Site Permanently?

Immediately after the launch of the website of a non-governmental organization, Gerris Corp. introduces Dan Krueger and Chris Abraham customers to the world of this non-profit organization, with 4,000 influencers ...
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3 Most Common Problems and Solutions in Influencer Marketing

With the increasing use of social media in recent years, Influencer Marketing has become quite common. His efforts to announce the voices of big or small brands that use social media to attract people's attention to brands ...
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How much do you know about Ece Targıt?

Ece Targıt is a part of our life with the content that it has produced on social media platforms for years. On Instagram, YouTube produces content and Ece Targıt reaches millions of people every week.
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How Much Do You Know About Duygu Özaslan?

Duygu Özaslan has been a part of our life with the content he has produced on social media platforms for years. Duygu Özaslan, who has reached millions of people every week with the content he produces on Instagram, has chosen both brands for their cooperation.
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Are Influencer Influencers That Make Caps Shares Effect?

Ah, capsler devam The caps that attract attention because they are able to reconcile the best of the best with a small moment that almost everyone can do, continues to draw attention as one of the pieces that make life's faces smile.
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5 Influencer Features Considered by Brands

If you are an influencer who wants to collaborate with brands, you must have a media kit containing the data that brands take care of. The influencer characteristics that brands take into account should be prepared correctly and the critical details about influencer are clearly ...
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Short Videos Going Back with TikTok?

The video continues to grow on the Internet and is expected to form 80% of the total Internet traffic in a short period of time. With Youtube capturing great momentum, continuing with Vine, Snapchat and Insragram ...
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