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Influencers According to Zodiac Signs

Which Influencer Should You Follow In The Social Media According To Your Attention?

At birth, the character of the Sun and the planets' positional characteristics is shaped by the categorical character and the character that the person will exhibit both in relation to his own life and the outside world. Many of us do not believe in astrology, but in our coffee conversation ...
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Virtual Phenomenon

New Generation Influencers: Virtual Phenomenons

The digital world is growing every day. As a result of this development, things that you never thought of could become possible anymore. The digital world has been a world where the passing of generations is now faster than ever.
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Influencer Marketing Budget

How to Use the Influencer Marketing Budget

Whether it's big or small, it does not matter. Each brand must have its own marketing strategy, must express itself in its brand language, and have its own band. Potential...
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Influencer Marketing Strategies

Why Are Marketers Failing in Influencer Markets?

The brands that make marketing through the influencers that are loved in the digital world achieve their targets and achieve success by reaching very wide mass in a very short time. Influencer is a source for dozens of branded marketing ...
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Social Media Marketing

Misconceptions About Markets And Social Media Marketing

The brand, which does not understand the power of the social media and does not understand it, makes some things wrong, and when it finally does not reach what they want, However, social media marketing is, first of all, patience, tracking innovations, producing original content ...
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Fraudulent Followers of Germany Losses

Fake Follower Can not Fare

Social media is a second world. People in this world want to be recognized just like in the real world. There are a lot of real efforts for this. But sometimes those who want to do this in a short way ...
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What is Connected Customer? How to Connected Customers with Influencers?

The digital world and the shopping experience it brings have created a new kind of customer. The name of this customer profile is: connected customer. Beyond this classic customer experience. Now that you're marketing something, you're ...
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Tips for Good Photography for Influencers

The photo has passed long distances throughout history. It has taken a long way from Niepce to this day. Like many things, photography is also digital. This digitization has opened a door. Now the photos are just ...
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6 Criteria to be Considered in Influencer Marketing

Marketing in the digital world is always more difficult than marketing on the street. While pre-digital marketing is more face-to-face, the shape of marketing now becomes more and more digital.
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Social Media Addiction

These Social Media Dependency Statistics Show Where Our Time Goes

Societies continue to evolve with the progress of technology every passing day. Today, the phenomena called technology / internet / social media dependency are increasingly taking place in all the countries of the world. Users in the information society ...
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Social Media Crisis Examples

3 Major Social Media Crises in Which Markets Live

For many brands, social media platforms are effective for communicating their message to a wide range of people in a very short time and by interacting with them by delivering their contents to targeted segments. At the same time, for corporate brand pages ...
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4 brands that increase sales with Influencer Marketing

S Influencer Marketing From Zero to Multi-Million Dollar Empire Quran 4 Brand Story

You have a dream. Whether you want to grow your own small business, to be recognized as a well-known and loved brand, or to make your existing brand open to the world and reach millions of people. Billions of dollars in the industry ...
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