Influencer Marketing Campaigns for Black Friday

Black Friday is a special shopping day which is adopted as a discount for people to share with their loved ones. On this day, brands are making close to 90% discount on their prices. For this reason, many people keep the products they plan to buy today. In general, although the rate of discounts is said on the last day, long queues in front of the stores start in the early hours of the morning.

Many brands who want to turn this situation into an opportunity started to provide 24-hour service today. Customers can now opt for shopping at crazy discounts on the Internet, rather than waiting at the grocery stores early in the morning. With online shopping popular, Black Friday in e-commerce began to last more than a day.

Many brands who want to announce Black Friday campaigns to more people in a short period of time can have an effective marketing strategy with an influencer who has a close relationship with the brand and who has a close follow-up to the brand's target audience.

Here is the guide to Influencer Marketing strategy for Black Friday:

1-Start by planning a campaign that suits your goals.

A few days before the Black Friday campaign, you can also get faster results and scale with small budgets, a shorter time span and a flexible campaign.

2. Determine your audience.

With Influencer marketing, you can incorporate more specific variables into your campaign and create a targeted campaign, such as the city where the consumers live, age group and educational status.

3. Create privileged content.

For Black Friday, with information on the discount code you provide or the product you want to discount, the influencers will be not only those who distribute content, but will also create your content.

Our goal in our project with Oral-B was to announce the special discounts for Black Friday's Oral-B Gittigidiyor and to direct the target audience to online shopping. The project has reached 400 thousand people with 5 macro and 10 micro influencers. The interaction rate of 0.98 for the beauty and health sector was 9.71 in our Black Friday Oral-B project. On the one hand, it was seen by the real mass for Black Friday. On the one hand, Oral-B increased its brand awareness.

As CreatorDen, we prepared a special campaign for Black Friday. You can see the details below.

Black Friday's Influencer Marketing Campaign

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