Beauty Industry's New Discovery: Influencer Marketing

Why do you think that every time you enter Instagram's Explore feature, you get 60 seconds of quick makeup videos? Undoubtedly, the digital transformation brought by social media is one of the fastest-growing sectors of the beauty and cosmetics industry, which effectively directs marketing resources in this direction. It is inevitable that the ability of this industry to be able to quickly adapt to the beauty industry has reached its highest annual income of $ 62 billion by the end of 2016. How did the beauty and cosmetics industry find a new discovery and succeed in increasing both its annual income and the loyalty of its consumers?

Cosmetics Brands Adapt to the Digital World

The greatest feedback the brands of the beauty industry have received from consumers for a long time was that they created a clear ground to mislead the consumer perception with massive promises that were not very realistic. Along with this, changing advertising consumer habits and increasingly consumer-focused beauty industry, which has become more and more concentrated around digital media, has pushed for a new way. As a result, influencer marketing, a new marketing tool all over the world, was also on the agenda of the beauty industry.

Another plus of influencer marketing, which brings together influencers, also called social phenomena, with brands and aims to introduce products through reliable influencers at much lower costs, is a very high return on investment from the brand. So why is the beauty industry one of the fastest-growing sectors in influencer marketing? The first answer to this problem is that the beauty industry is based entirely on product use and on users' experiences. So a lipstick can be seen in different skin colors and the consumer is much more inclined to buy that product.

The fact that digitalization has entered almost every aspect of our lives is the second answer to this question. For example, cosmetics and care products 79% of consumers chooses to watch online videos about it before buying a product, or 85% of women The content of cosmetic influencers is the strongest resource to be relied upon for cosmetic products. Finally, there is the fact that consumers attach importance to the ideas of neutral and reliable influencers instead of the contents produced by brands. When you look at Youtube statistics, 86% of the most viewed beauty videos are produced by influencers, while only 14% are directly produced by brands.

As a result, the cosmetics brands that see lack of trust and naturalness in the beauty industry have also started the process of adaptation to the influencer marketing sector rapidly. For example, Becca, an American cosmetics brand, saw an area where other brands in the industry dare not enter much in 2015, it was one. The result? Champaigne Pop, who collaborated with Youtube Jacklyn Hill, known for his makeup videos on Youtube and enrolled on the market with Becca / Jacklyn Hill name, received more than 25,000 orders from Sephora online site within 20 minutes of entering the sale.

How Do You Increase Your Cosmetics Market Sales With Influencer Marketing?

The methods applied by cosmetics brands that cooperate with Influencers and provide high return on investment are as follows:

Product Reviews

Working together One of the most effective business alliance methods you can do with an influencer is to try out your products and share feedback with your followers. An assessment in this form will also affect the purchasing decision of potential consumers who have the opportunity to see the product impact both in the day and in the long run.

Favorites content

With the favorite videos prepared by many cosmetic influencers monthly / quarterly, you can ensure that followers learn the benefits of your product and get effective feedback.


In "vlog" videos, which sometimes mean specific content on YouTube, sometimes by certain parts of the day being recorded by the influencers in their natural environment and sharing with their followers, you can increase the visibility of your products in the daily flow of influencers, you can be effective.

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