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social media initiatives
It is possible to increase the number of followers in the social media by sharing interesting content in recent days as communication is faster than ever and speeding up every day. However, gaining the trust of followers who are interested in sharing requires much more time and effort than you might think. As an influencer, your followers' expectations from you are sincere and honest, and even interesting content ...
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Making a Raffle Contest in Instagram
Instagram, which is the most phenomenal social media network of recent times, is organizing contests and draws in Instagram in the context of many brand advertising works every day. Especially on March 8th, World Workers' Women's Day, almost every brand came out with an Influencer study. Users are known for their photo, video and entertainment social networking and are loved ...
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Influencer marketing trends in 2018
One of the most preferred advertising strategies for brands today is undoubtedly influencer marketing. This sector, which has seen an increase in its growth momentum every day, especially in the last 5 years, expands by about two hundred folds, revealing how important it is. One of the most important sectors in 2018 is the new trends awaiting us for influencer marketing ...
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YouTube is-how-are kindly
Thanks to Youtube, which is one of the most used media in social media campaigns nowadays, every audience can easily access millions of users. Today, Youtube acts as a bridge between brands and the target audience, one of the most influential media in which people can express themselves most beautifully. But it's as easy as winning followers and trusting a brand to entrust you with ...
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Facebook continues its testing to create ad models in different areas. Facebook Messenger ads, which have been tested in Thailand and Australia for a long time, are already being talked about frequently in social media. Messenger ad testing is a new excitement for Facebook as well as being followed closely by advertisers. Because Facebook Messenger is used around the world is very impressive figures. Monthly...
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instagram vs snapchat
Instagram's usage statistics are changing rapidly and rising. There is a huge explosion in the growth of Instagram with all the innovations, as some of the basic features of Snapchat are very much influenced by the updates and additions to it. After all these developments, the changes in the user have changed the preferences of the social media influencers. What is the Situation in Instagram Snapchat Competition? ...
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emoji marketing in social media
Emojis, these simple and funny little illustrations are actually powerful and effective tools at an incredible rate for your brand's social media marketing. Ten years ago, the statements began with a humble beginning in online chat rooms. Social media and visual communication have transformed these expressions into complex images at colorful and surprising levels. An example of these are the little animations we use while chatting on Facebook ....
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social media
The number of websites and applications opened to communicate in social media is increasing day by day. It is possible to see people on these sites online at any time of day. Promoting Facebook, which is more than 1.86 million active users per month, and social media marketing strategies such as Instagram, Twitter, Youtube Snapchat, Pinterest and other social media channels.
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influencer marketing blog
With CreatorDen's new campaigns you can build on the platform, you can organize advertising campaigns with social media phenomena and reach the target audience in the most effective way by age, gender, interests. You have entered the CreatorDen platform and created your membership without paying any fee. What's next? After entering the platform; From the 'Create a new campaign' headline, you can create your campaign brief within minutes, and you will ...
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direct from social media to eticare
Now, forget about everything that comes to your mind when you say traditional sales. Since the beginning of the first use, the sales term, which has different social interaction processes, has evolved differently through the use of social media accounts, but since the concept of digitalization has become an indispensable part of our lives, the transformation in social media has started to change in a different direction. Social media sales are basically social ...
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