Social media is a very important part of our lives. The influencers who communicate with the masses by producing content on social media have become very important communication partners of brands. One of the most important influences of Influencer Marketing being effective in consumers is the content of the content creators of the masses. Influencer marketing campaign management processes are becoming more complex as the scope increases. Especially...
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LinkedIn video
Linkedln, which is prominent in the business world and called social networks of professionals, continues to develop itself according to the needs in line with technological advancements, and the latest innovation is the LinkedIn video upload feature. LinkedIn presented the tagging feature to the end user a few years ago to increase interactivity as one of these requirements. Known as Contact ...
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survival kit in digital conversion
"20% of the multinational companies in the world are preparing to define a" Chief Digital Officer "position in 2017. A third of these companies believe that the digital marketing budget will account for 75% of the total spending over the next 5 years. "90% of digital marketing companies still do not have the necessary equipment. Digital conversion is more and more spoken, conversation is more and more ...
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brands' social media process
We share the title of 9 issues that will be a troublesome interpreter that brands usually have in their social media campaign preparation and execution process! 1- Where is Param? The advertiser is always worried that his money will be wasted. 2- Is the campaign going to catch up? Stress that is the result of the last moments of work. 3- In the event of a poor campaign. Sometimes it looks good during the campaigning process, but when the campaign is over ...
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viral ad
Viral advertisements, a version of digital marketing of mouth-to-mouth marketing, can have an impact on traditional advertising with their original content. In this type of advertising where we are used to seeing video sharing sites, the aim is to be able to view the video without being noticed that it is an advertisement to the buyer. We have compiled Turkish viral commercials for you, believing the importance and effect of viral advertisements for brands and bringing sound with their creative content! Pegasus ...
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rapid growth guide with influencer marketing
Small and medium-sized businesses often have marketing difficulties. Lack of the right tools and experience, often found in small businesses, can lead to much lower return on investment for marketing campaigns with large budgets. Given the fact that consumers interact with countless advertisements on different platforms every day, it is not possible to make brands of small businesses visible and in this big market ...
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misconceptions about influencer markreting
Marketing specialists often express difficulty in understanding many concepts, from pricing in influencer marketing to measuring impact. However, it is possible to get very successful results when the right path is followed for this upcoming marketing strategy. The first step is to accept the fact that the new age of influencer marketing is indispensable. Nowadays, consumers are setting the rules for their marketing content. Hence, consumers are influenced by ...
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effective social media management
While social media is one of the most important marketing tools for brands and companies, social media management can be challenging for brands. With this awareness, we have created a comprehensive list of 10 steps to create successful social media content. 1) Pay attention to the length of your content Twitter is at the forefront as the most challenging platform for content length. Just to create content through the app ...
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influencer marketingde fashion and cosmetics
Influencer concept is not really a new concept to market. If we go back to the 1950s, it would not be wrong to say that Marilyn Monroe is an influencer that determines all the beauty and fashion trends. Everything she chose was inspired by every woman between the ages of 18-50, from her hair to her makeup, from her clothes to her shoes. Favorite perfume Channel No 5, your favorite skin care product Ernő László. Even Shan ...
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