Merve Deşen
Instagram and Popularity Today, with the development of technology and the increase of internet usage, social media usage has become a visible shot. Especially in the social media platforms, Instagram's location is very different. Everyone, small and large, and every company has an Instagram account. In this sense, buying the follower in Instagram, which is one of the biggest problems that have been experienced, and what kind of damage it has ...
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bloggers will arrive at festivals 2017
In order to remind you that the summer months are already long and we still have time to enjoy the summer, we have listed festivals for you to go to the blogger stream before the summer ends. Good fun already! Domestic Bozcaada Jazz Festival (28-30 July) Ayazma Monastery / Çanakkale Electronica Festival (29-30 July) Suma Beach / Istanbul Moovment Festival (19-20 August) Küçükçiftlik Park / Istanbul Zeytinli Rock Festival (23-27 August) Dalya. ..
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sports for newcomers
Now connect your shoes for roots that are popular and preferred in social media, where you can recognize Istanbul in three different ways; we are going on a pleasant journey ... Inside the History: Balat - Fener Beach When you pass through the centuries-old buildings and watch the scenery while running and want to gain health and fitness, you are in Balat - Fener. Atatürk and the Golden Horn ...
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mark zuckerberk face filter
 How do you grow your brand with Instagram Filters? Instagram made the final major breakthrough in the Cold War with Snapchat by integrating face filters into my Instagram Streaks tab, which is the biggest reason for my life with Snapchat and which is still the main reason why many users still use Snapchat. While Instagram is raising the number of users who publish daily stories with this last hit to 200 million, the total number of users of Snapchat is 166 ...
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special olympics
Special Olympics Turkey influencia Marketing Story by special children sport aims to bring socializing life Special Olympics Turkey starting as of February "We Donations special" to increase the awareness of the campaign and the masses influencia conducted jointly with the creatore in order to redirect to donate marketing work with more than 2 million views and 210 thousand reached close interaction figures. influencia marketinga in Turkey ...
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highly interacting content in instagram
Influencer marketing is an easy, inexpensive and effective way to grow your business and produce advertising content through social media channels. You can quickly increase your brand awareness and followers, but more importantly, you can turn your ads into big sales with influencer marketing. As a matter of fact, when it comes to influencer marketing, Instagram can be shown as the best performing channel and the average participation rate is% ...
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Advantages of influencer marketing investments
Social media is out of reach of the crawling stages. Social media is a crowded area where big brands and small businesses compete for the interest and relevance of the digital kit. As social networks adopt show-and-pay advertising models, it becomes increasingly difficult to reach mass organically and incorporate them into marketing policies. Influencer marketing reduces noise in social media and affects consumers, loved ones ...
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internet as a business
In our time, too many social media channels can not deny the consumer's purchasing decisions. This has caused the potential, influenza marketing to be born and rapidly spread. For this reason, social media taxation has started to be introduced into digital media, which has become a channel for advertising and promotion. Now Influencer Marketining, which is more effective than most marketing methods, proves itself and social media ...
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