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How to do Agency or Platform Preference in Influencer Marketing?

Social media is a very important part of our lives. The influencers who communicate with the masses by producing content on social media have become very important communication partners of brands. One of the most important influences of Influencer Marketing being effective in consumers is the content of the content creators of the masses. Influencer marketing campaign management processes are becoming more complex as the scope increases. Especially...
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Who are Influencers Most Followed by Women? - Top 20

Instagram is becoming more and more suitable medium for brands every day. Instagram users of 80% of at least one brand account that we follow the account for the brand of indian fabrics shaman Instagram. According to June 2018 data, there are 8 million Business accounts in Instagram, which is a total of 1 billion active users worldwide ...
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How to become Instagram Blogger?

With the development of technology and the internet, the use of social media has also increased. Especially in the use of social media is the front plan. Ever since the spread of a broad spectrum of trends, food, fashion, travel and many other on-site instagram bloggers have been seen. Well, is it that easy to be a blogger? Or what should be done to become a good blogger? How To Become Blogger? ...
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How is Content Marketing done?

In terms of brand value and the content marketing that comes out with the motto of "Content is King" in order to reach the brand name to more people, it is actually a road map for the customer. Content marketing, which is intriguing for the customer, is also recognized as a next generation marketing strategy in the field of digital content marketing in many currencies. Great importance for brands ...
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Place of Instagram in the Recipe Sector

Instagram now offers information and useful messages to people in many different areas. One of the areas where it can benefit and reach a successful point is recipes. This can be followed by instrag recipe accounts which draw attention with different studies. People are no longer open to cooking and follow the accounts that share a lot of interesting recipes at the Instagram ...
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World Famous Phenomenon Becoming an Influencer

Through their collaborations with brands, social media influencers can take advantage of privileges such as participating in luxury invitations, free accommodation and experiencing the latest products while traveling the world. In addition to these phenomena, social media celebrities whose influencers are recognized by the world as a whole, earn more than 15 million dollars annually. The influencer marketing strategy that brands are more and more focused on day by day, is the active use of social media ...
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Instagram Story Guide for Businesses

Brands that use business profile in Instagram do not only increase e - commerce sales rates rapidly but also increase brand awareness, website traffic and interaction rates at the same time. In Instagram, it is possible to increase access rates with story sharing as well as sending them to reach wider mass by creating successful social media campaigns. Instagram story for businesses we collect for you ...
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[Free E-Book] Influencer Marketing Guide

We have translated the book The Ultimate Guide to Influencer Marketing, written by Mention and Venngage, which you can use as a resource in Influencer Marketing, for you. You can download it using the form below.
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What is the Role in Social Media Management?

Accepted all over the world, social media is now used by almost everyone in our country. It emphasizes that this system should not be ignored anymore as the social media quickly accepts itself. As a result, the power of social media in the changing world is increasing day by day. Facebook, Instagram, which has such a great potential ...
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