Hakan Göçmez
Influencer Marketing Tips
now it began to change conditions in Turkey for Influencer. As more brands and institutions enter the field, different strategies have begun to be developed in order to make the work more productive, better results and better returns. At this point, undoubtedly, better studies can be created by following the analysis of foreign sources and foreign cases. It's a story shared by Forrester ...
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influencer marketing guide
Influencer marketing is one of the most popular methods of recent times. While reaching the target group for brands and companies is much easier with this new method, every day this sector is starting to appeal to more people by increasing its power. So, who are the influencers really and what are they doing? Influencer marketing is spreading to a wider audience, influencer in order to be able to work better ...
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influencer marketing facebook
A new era has been launched on behalf of the people working on the brand new update that we have been making for months. This new system, which made it necessary to create a different strategy for brands, enabled the conversion of paid content into sponsored publications. This is criticized by many people for bringing higher budgets, but in the meantime, brands will love the new system more ...
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influencer marketing 2017
Influencer marketing is now a much more important strategy for brands seeking to find new customers using social networking networks and to communicate with potential customers. According to a recent research, more than 90 percent of brands that prefer influencer marketing believe this new marketing method is more effective. Rolex, Sephora and Hugo Boss.
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2018 influencer marketing forecasts
Influencer marketing is one of the rising marketing strategies of 2017. In 2017, this new marketing was on almost every trend list, showing a significant upsale, and the eyes have already turned to 2018. Peki, influencer in 2018
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How to Determine Influencer
Influencers or influencers have many questions, especially for new entrants and institutions in the sector. Moreover, each influencer has different impressive features and a campaign can be created with a different image for each campaign of the brand. Therefore; the campaign strategy should be determined before the influencer is selected, and then the influencers who plan to work with this strategy should be planned. We have prepared for this ...
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how to create a social media strategy
The brands and institutions that want to be in the online market are now the most important force in social media. As the situation emerges so clearly, a different problem actually comes along: how to build a social media strategy that can take good and good turns? The fact that the use of social media is free, the advertising is available with appropriate cost to the target audience, the social media strategy ...
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