Four Points to Watch Out for When Preparing Instagram Competitions

The most phenomenon of recent times has been the social media network InstagramEvery day in the scope of many brand advertising works in the Instagram contests and draws are held. Especially on March 8th, World Workers' Women's Day, almost every brand came out with an Influencer study.

The popular Instagram, known as a social network for photography, video and entertainment for its users, is actually much more for brands. Instagram for brands is an effective way to increase brand awareness and awareness as well as being a network where all products and services can reach a much wider audience.

In the field of e-commerce, Instagram, which is the most used social media channel compared to other social networks, is an invaluable medium for brands with more than 300 million active users. As long as markers consciously make use of the benefits of this tradition, they can increase consumer interaction and reach far more users.

Reaching More Users

Organizing Competition in Instagram

There are many ways to reach more users. One of these ways is the arrangement of campaigns and competitions from time to time to increase the interactive relationship between the follower and the brand. These competitions attract the attention of the users and raise the brand perception. Well; Where should we pay attention when organizing award-winning Instagram competitions that will be shared with the influencers and provide quick interaction?

1 - Influencer's brand has a mass appeal

A brand is a InfluencerIf you are organizing a jointly awarded contest, your first priority should be the target audience. For example, working with a travel company's travel bloggers is a very accurate move. It is a mistake to work with the famous phenomenon in the field of computer games simply because of the number of followers and the high interaction rate.

2 - Influencer's Tracking Number and Interaction Rate Show Similarity

Inflated accounts with fake users never reach the target. The best way to tell if an account has a fake user is to look at the closeness of the interaction numbers in the posts shared by the number of followers. If there is not a gap between the numbers, it means your correct companion. So by reaching real users, not just fake users, you can increase your interaction and your brand's followers.

3 - Too many requests from the participants

At this point, the Influencers have disagreements among themselves. If you decide to start a winning contest, your criteria for participation in the competition is very important here. Some competitions have a lot of attendance and decrease attendance numbers. It must be your first goal to be in the right places and to reduce the number of participants.

4 - Desired Users from Participating in the Contest

First, the demands must be clear and understandable.

a) In award-winning competitions, the user who wants to be the first to get the brand account that gives the gift and the Influencer account that proclaims the contest is followed.

B) It is also one of the important points that the contest visual is remarkable and it is a quality visual in terms of reward.

C.) The labeling of your friends or competitors under the share where the competition announcement is located. This point should be especially noted; fake accounts, trademarks, and labels of celebrities will be invalidated even if their participation in the competition is invalid. So; it is easier to reach real users. Another point in this regard is the number of people to add as comments. In some competitions this number is three, while in others it can be limited to one person too; this border is entirely up to the mark. Also, each comment must be clearly stated whether it is a single engagement or the right to participate by the number of comments.

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