Marketing Trends to Be Frequently Reminded in 2018

One of the most preferred advertising strategies for brands today is undoubtedly influencer marketing. This sector, which has seen an increase in its growth momentum every day, especially in the last 5 years, expands by about two hundred folds, revealing how important it is. It will be one of the most important sectors in 2018 influencer marketing Let's look briefly at what new trends are waiting for us.

Instagram Exceeds 1 - 1 Billion User Dam

Explaining that in the fall of 2017 it will reach 800 million active users, Instagram's inevitable rise continues today, exceeding 1 billion users. This increase in Instagram, one of the important meeting points of brands and influencers, is quite positive for both sides. Instagram, which is expected to reach 2 billion users in 2019, seems to be used more and more every day for advertising purposes.

2- KPI and ROI based measures

If everything can be measured nowadays, of course, it would not be possible to calculate the cost and return on an influenza basis. Follow-up links, advanced services and analytical codes, as well as all the shares, click-through rates and returns can be tracked. Making all of the figures more reliable will enable brands to move towards results based on campaigns as of 2018.

3 - Farewell to Influencers

Of course the face of the ice is the number of followers. But these numbers in social media are often misleading. Years of experience do not tell us what's important is the number of followers of the influencer, interaction rate . For the brands to find the most suitable influncer, it is the best way to work with a specialized company in this business.

4 - More Video Content

The spectators have been bored now for the perfect bodies and ultra-luxurious lifestyle to this day. For this reason, they became tied up with the influencers that they believed were just like themselves in the social media. This has increased the importance of the video content, which gives the audience the opportunity to get to know the phenomenon they are following. It is expected that 2018 will be the year in which the rise of video content will continue.

5 - All Channels Activity

The loyalty of the followers to the brand is one of the most important criteria for the continuity of many brands. The most important way to create this is to be able to do integrated work with all influencers. The synergies that all influencers will create among themselves, from micro to mega-scale, will strengthen brand loyalty and increase interaction. In your collaboration with Influencers, you should use different channels instead of influencer marketing, with the same rhetoric. Your followers, particularly those mentioned by influencers, should be finding information on your site or social media account.

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