2018 Instagram Hashtag Guide

Instagram continues to grow in popularity with user innovations and progress towards becoming the most preferred social network. Almost everyone has an Instagram account. In addition to brands, even ordinary users want their share to be enjoyed by reaching large masses. Well How can we ensure that our content reaches more people in Instagram? We have compiled for you 2018 Instagram hashtag guide With the use of correct tags, you can learn how to get to your destinations faster.

Did you know that Instagram shares using at least 1 hashtag get 12.6% more interaction?

Should I use Hashtag in Instagram?

If your Instagram account is open to everyone, you should definitely use a hashtag if you want to gain more followers or customers. With an effective hashtag strategy, you can quickly reach new masses and ensure that your target kit is aware of your account. Especially with recent innovations, the use of hashtag has spread to a very wide area. What do these innovations cover?

  • Measure the success of your Hashtags: You can measure how your hashtags used to your Instagram business profile affect the display and interaction rates. You can also view the number of impressions from topic tags by clicking on the "See Stats" option under each post.

2018 Instagram Hashtag Guide

  • You can now follow hashtags in Instagram: You can follow topics and communities related to your interests by clicking the related hashtags.
  • Add clickable hashtags to your biography: While you are editing your profile in your Instagram account, you can add more hashtags to your account in the biography section so that more people can discover it. You can make your Instagram biography more impressive by using your username as a hashtag. So you can also create your own personal community when advertising for the target audience.

2018 Instagram Hashtag Guide

  • Add hashtags to your Instagram stories: When sharing a story in Instagram, you can use HasTags to display it both in the "Stories" stream and in the search and explore section, and you can also access new stories with your storytelling.


Is Instagram Hashtags Different?

You need to know the different uses of hashtags in order to reach the right mass by setting an effective hashtag strategy in Instagram. In general, the use of 3 different hashtag multipliers.

  1. Brand Hashtagleri: Using your brand-related hashtags for your business account, you can ensure that both your follower kits and your new target kits are promoting your brand in their own posts and stories. So you can see that people are satisfied with your brand's products, services and services and at the same time they can connect with your brand enough to hear other people. You can use your company's name, your brand's slogan, the name of any product, or the slogan of your advertising campaign when you use hashtag for your brand. Community hashtags will allow you to reach more people with the message you are giving, while brand hashtags will provide you with a certain conceptual link between target brand and your brand.
  2. Community Hashtags: Community Hashtags allow you to connect with people in similar minds on a specific topic. Unlike brand hashtags, they do not have to be directly related to your business account; you can focus on a wider or narrower area. Do not forget! The narrower the range of hashtags you use, the more users will be able to interact.
  3. Campaign Hashtags: You can promote your products, services, services, or partnerships using campaign hashtags that span short, a few days, periods, or a year for your advertising campaigns in Instagram. By using campaign hashtags you can increase your access and interaction rates and you can drive effective advertising work. Especially in collaborations with influencers you can sign up for works that are very lively by using special hashtags. (seeInfluencer Marketing From Zero to Multi-Million Dollar Imperial Qur'an Markets)

2018 Instagram Hashtag Guide

How can I organize Hashtags in Instagram?

If you want to archive and categorize hashtags you frequently use while sharing in Instagram and use them in your new posts Later vehicle You can use. It is also possible to attach the hashtags you have previously assigned to the categorized ones with a single click. Moreover, this service can also be used in the free version.

2018 Instagram Hashtag Guide

How do I find the Best Hashtags for my Account?

The popular hashtags in the Instagram may not be able to get the same liking and comments when used by millions of people. You should use more specific hashtags for this target as well as certain hashtags for this. With fewer used hashtags, you can focus on your specific interests. Here are some other suggestions for you to find the most effective hashtags for your account:

  • Use the hashtag recommendation of the Later service.

2018 Instagram Hashtag Guide

  • Analyze your target groupings to find the hashtag that they use most and are most compatible with your shares. Make sure that the hashtags are relevant to your followers and aim at the content they seek.
  • Analyze your riffs to see which hashtags are used in similar posts to your shares, and find the hashtags that are of interest to your target group. You can also discover new hashtags to add your repertoire on this count.
  • People who use social media most effectively Instagram influencers you can learn the use of hashtags from your business experts and take samples for your own shares.
  • In Instagram you can start to explore using the hashtags under any hashtag that you have written in the search box. By clicking on a hashtask you use in the same way you can display the hashtags of other users and get new ideas.

2018 Instagram Hashtag Guide

How to Design a Markup Private Hashtag

Brand hashtags are a great way to communicate with your followers and increase your interaction with your content. Thanks to brand hashtags, fans can share content for their followers. While creating your brand hashtag, be careful to be simple, memorable, attractive, easily callable, creative and original. The hashtags you design may be educational, informative or entertaining. Brand hashtags also promote your products, services and services while at the same time increasing your brand awareness. (seeMillions of Dollars Winning Brand While Raising Brand Awareness with Influencer Marketing) Instagram marketing strategies can use different methods to effectively use brand hashtags.

2018 Instagram Hashtag Guide

  1. Collect user content: User generated content (User Generated Content - UGC), you can reach new masses and quickly increase your access and interaction rates. In the competitions you organize, you can make your campaigns sound better by letting them use your brand hashtags. (see: What is Influencer Marketing?)
  2. Inspire your community: Instagram visual storytelling (Storytelling) is a community built on. With brand hashtags, you can also provide people with a way to share meaningful content, so you can build your own private community. (see: 10 Most Effective Marketing Strategies for Markets)
  3. Backstage: Keep your innovators informed by using brand hashtags to ensure that your followers have a deeper connection with your brand. Make communication sustainable with a continuous stream of information.
  4. Create custom hashtags for events: If you are organizing a brand event, make it private by creating a private brand hashtray. So you can increase both participation and interaction simultaneously.
  5. Promote your products: When you share your shipments, your markers will not only identify the appropriate hashtag operator, but also allow your products to fulfill their purchasing behavior by ensuring that their potential customers reach the end of their life.

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Dilek Erdensoy, after his language education in America, after his license on philosophy; design, digital media and marketing. The writer who continues to write on various sites; science, technology and philosophy, closely following the media and advertising industry.
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