2017 Turkey influencia Marketing File

We have prepared an extensive report on the size and development of the market influencia Marketing in Turkey. According to the report, the worldwide market for Influencer Markets in 2017 grew from $ 1.1 billion to $ 1.5 billion. In Turkey, 30 million Market size!

Users with high impact power on social media, namely influencers, are being used for marketing and product promotion purposes. influencia Marketing activities performed in Turkey %48'I Instagram. This rate also confirms that Instagram is the most trendy channel. Following Instagram Facebook with 21%, YouTube with 16% and YouTube with 15%carried out in Influencer Marketing work is coming.

Influencer Marketing studies %19 ratio beauty and makeup area, %18 ratio fashion area. Immediately after %13 with travel and %12 with eat with life The categories are bumping into the pond. So in fact Influencer Pazarlama's target group is usually women. These ratios are also reflected in the expertise of Influencers. 10% of life Influencer operating in Turkey, 6% of fashion, beauty and family in the area, and 5% entertainment, travel, business and health sectors in the world.

Influencers' followers usually outweigh Facebook. The place where influencers are most frequently followed Facebookmean follow-up ratios 63b of the respectively, twitter'in 59b of the, Instagram'in 47b of the and YouTube'in 41b of the It was. Influencer Talking about the necessity of sending Influencer products in order to be able to perform marketing activities most effectively, CreatorDen founder Ozan Tabak; "At a rate of 40% of the work done, brands send sample products to Influencers, which leads to better promotion of these products," he said.

Markets are also investing more and more in the field of Influencer Marketing. 9% of working brands spend more than 100 thousand TL in a year. The share of brands that allocate up to 5 billion TL is 32%.

Tabak, who shares his research ideas; "CreatorDenin 2017 More than 2000 Influencers We have worked with each other, our most proud instrument is our interaction rate %4.9 it happened. We paid more than 1 million TL to Influencers during the year, "he said.


 Influencer Marketing Report

influencer marketing report

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