Social Media Marketing Strategies in 2017

The number of websites and applications opened to communicate in social media is increasing day by day. It is possible to see people on these sites online at any time of day. Promoting social media marketing strategies in this big online environment, where Facebook has more than 1.86 million active users per month and social media channels like Instagram, Twitter, Youtube Snapchat and Pinterest, can be very effective in reaching the masses.

It offers social media marketing strategies, including live streaming and video upload plug-ins, as well as photos and content, as well as the ability to communicate with customers.

Here are Strengthening Social Media Marketing Strategies in 2017

Video and 360 ° Photos

Videolar and 360 ° photos can tell you a lot about your brand, your service or your product. Potential customers can also be described as very effective in attracting marketers, especially since video content is found in almost all social media channels and many people / brands have already tried and succeeded.

Video content has become an environment where product comments are made, products are advertised, experiences are shared, product shows are shared, questionnaires are made, interviews are held, product launches are made. In the same way, 360 ° photographs come to life as an environment that allows you to experience any product, place or organization as if you were there.


Your brand and its advertising content must be highly creative in social media marketing strategies in order to attract attention from customers in the eyes of other brands. In other words, the use of stock photos or visuals is left behind and the original content produced by each brand is more appreciated than ever. However, it is important not to overlook the importance of providing the right balance between visuals and content created.

Influencer Marketing

Imagine that your product or your brand is being shared, promoted and recommended by a social media phonomen in the most used channels of social media like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube. Here is influencer marketing!

In fact, influencer marketing, which is not confined to just that, confronts real experiences that real people experience, as well as a marketing strategy that takes place within the trust relationship between the influencer and the follower. Authentic and realistic content encourages other people to try out a shared product or brand. The contents shared by the influencers can have an incredible effect on the social media by spreading their voice from the mouth.

Story Narration

Storytelling is one of the most important influences of social media, even one of its foundations. Everyone wants to share their story on social media and tell people. To create the desired effect, the content must be realistic and based on emotions and experiences.

Influencer marketing and the power of storytelling make it one of the top social media marketing strategies in 2017. Compared to the budget spent on traditional advertising, these tools, which you can include in your marketing strategy at a very low budget, have already proven to be quite effective.

Positioning your brand strongly in the eyes of customers is much more important and lasting than short-term customer satisfaction like discounts and gifts. Appreciate social media marketing strategies in 2017 to make yourself reachable and to feel your presence strongly on the market!

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