What Have You Learned from Influencer Marketing with $ 10 Million Expenditure?

Influencer marketing is now a much more important strategy for brands seeking to find new customers using social networking networks and to communicate with potential customers. According to a recent research, more than 90 percent of brands that prefer influencer marketing believe this new marketing method is more effective.

Different big brands like Rolex, Sephora and Hugo Boss have chosen to make different influencer work in recent months. The reason for this is fairly simple: people now believe in influencers more than traditional advertisements. In the past, a report published in the past clearly showed that the z chain hates most of the traditional ads and that the content (ads) shared by users or trusted people traced on the social media is more realistic. For this reason, it is natural and perhaps even a necessity for large brands to be transformed into influencer marketing.

A new report published in the past days, with a budget exceeding 10 million dollars, shows what the results of influencer marketing are and what should be paid attention to what influencer marketing is.

Numbers can not always be guaranteed

While assessing the potential impact of Influencer, having one more step forward with more social media followers may be normal at the start. But more followers will never guarantee more access. For this reason, the number of followers and the results to return without work and return should be considered important. Concentrating on niche can be both more economical and more efficient to work with people who will get better results.

Influencer Campaigns Measurable

It can be measured on-marketing-influencia

The general view on inflencer marketing is that campaigns can not be measured. However, work done can be measured by specific metrics. It can be difficult to measure some abstract situations such as brand awareness one by one. Measuring website visits or search activity can provide good data for brands. Because classic metrics such as referral traffic also apply to influencer marketing, there is a possibility of different measurement and analysis for brands according to the situation of the work done.

With the Influencer marketing study, you can see how influential branding is when you want to get referrals to a website, and how powerful influences influencer has on your followers. The general view that the impact of influencer work is not measurable from this aspect has not been reflected in much truth, nor has it clearly emerged as a result of high budgetary work.

Influencer Marketing is a Long-term Strategy

Influencer marketing can be described as a study of social media users to learn more about the brand. At the same time, it is also a way to reach potential customers and increase brand awareness. Since the most effective marketing strategies are those with a long time span, long-term plans must be made in influencer marketing to determine appropriate targets. However, many influencer studies have also shown that a lot of sharing can create great effects in a short time.

People in Influencers

Classic marketing methods for marketers While there are systems like Adsense or Doubleclick, the transition to a different promotional effort is being made in the new influencer marketing. Instead of trying to sell over specific metrics and keywords, a new employee is brought to the company in order to promote the brand with influencer marketing. It should not be forgotten that the better the harmonization between the brand and the influencer in this particular study, the better the results will be and the more satisfactory the results will be.

Affordable Time to Start

Research has revealed that about 75 percent of businesses are allocating budget for influenza marketing for 2018. In the new world where TV commercials are blocked due to live streaming and ad blocking systems are used extensively on the web, influencer marketing enables brands to have a meaningful connection to potential customers and increase sales. In this respect, success with an accurate influencer marketing strategy is not difficult at all.

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