Reach out to your customers.

Reach out to your customers through Influencer Marketing.

With influencer marketing, combine your brand with social media influencers addressing your target audience. Create original content with social media influencers, which have an impact on the masses, and ensure your brand to be presented on the social media.

Creative Content Tailored for Your Brand

Get involved in the organic relation between social media influencers and their followers. By doing so, creative content presented by influencers has an impact on purchase decision of your target audience.

Free Of Charge Until The Offer Is Accepted

View the content that social media influencers offer you. Just buy the content which is appropriate for your brand. Your all payments are legally taxed and invoiced.

Fast and Effective Communication

With CreatorDen, access all your social media accounts related to your target audience. Now it is quite easy to gain new customers by building significant relations between your target audience and people they rely on.

All Social Media Platforms

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Snapchat. The CreatorDen marketplace works in an integrated way with all social media platforms. So you can manage your influencer marketing projects over one single platform.

Brief Privacy

The briefs you create in minutes are displayed only by the influencers that have respective target audience. The access is shaped by the intimacy and sincerity of the influencers with their followers. Data-driven targeting system ensures that the brands reach the most relevant influencers.

Only Real Influencers

The identities of Influencers using the CreatorDen App are determined and verified by our collaborations with Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.


  • We have created a great project with CreatorDen’s young, cheerful and professional team for our online shopping platform brand 1V1Y.COM. I had patient and sincere replies to all my revisions and questions. They have impressive references and they will definitely carry your brand to higher levels. I am very glad to entrust our brand to CreatorDen and I strongly recommend them.

    Kader KILIÇ
    1V1Y.COM, Brand Manager
  • Today, almost everybody knows that social media is very important and has a great and strong advertising space for brands. In this context, CreatorDen has created a successful platform bringing companies together with influencers. It has an inspirational influence on advertising solution on behalf of our company and offers great convenience to us.

    Erkan Özyanız
    JustBow, Vice President
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Do not be compared with counterfeit accounts having fake follower numbers. CreatorDen App works with social networks including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Snapchat. So, it does not include unverified influencers to its system.


CreatorDen collects your payments from brands, eliminates period of payment problems, and ensures your payment is taxed.


With the CreatorDen App, you can directly chat with brand representatives, who are appropriate for your target audience and you can give your offer directly.


Work with the brands just you want to. Present your content with your offer to the brand for approval.